Reading: BitGo Partners With TradeBlock for Seamless Bitcoin Trading Infrastructure


BitGo Partners With TradeBlock for Seamless Bitcoin Trading Infrastructure


BitGo Partners With TradeBlock for Seamless Bitcoin Trading Infrastructure

BitGo, a company known for its expertise in Bitcoin security, has recently announced a partnership with TradeBlock, an online cryptocurrency data provider. Bitgo offers many products such as BitGo Enterprise — an enterprise-grade, multi-sig, multi-user bitcoin wallet — and BitGo Platform API, a robust set of tools and services to access the underlying platform.

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bitgoTraders use Tradeblock to receive detailed information about current trading environments. Miners can use Tradeblock to factor ROI on their ASICS, monitor network speed, and difficulty, or read up on mining news to stay up to date.

By combining the security provided by BitGo and the trading tools from Tradeblock, the partnership allows one comprehensive suite for private as well as institutional Bitcoin traders, which allows investors to manage their over-the-counter trading activity.

This will allow traders to conveniently and securely trade Bitcoin, whether that is Fiat to USD, BTC/LTC or margin trading, the principle stays the same. Providing a secure and convenient way to exchange cryptocurrency will prove to be fruitful for both parties in this partnership.

“Today’s trading environment demands flexible, responsive and highly connected infrastructure while also remaining completely secure, said TradeBlock CEO Greg Schvey. We believe the combination of TradeBlock’s execution and analysis tools with BitGo’s class leading multi-signature security creates the most powerful of feature set available to traders today.”

From this new partnership, Bitgo and TradeBlock will work together to create seamless interoperability between both companies products, which will result in one easy portal to access both methods.

“The increasing pace and heightened stakes of the crypto currency markets is demanding a modular approach to infrastructure, said BitGo CEO Mike Belshe. Gone are the days when a new startup could spend a year building isolated, one-off transactional infrastructure. BitGo and TradeBlock’s solutions together represent the cutting edge of modular, managed infrastructure.”

TradeBlockBesides this, BitGo and Tradeblock also want to focus on automation other aspects of the trading process. By managing and automating all trading actions through a web dashboard with trustless multi-sig security protection at every step; the new partnership will produce the gold standard of trading tools.

BitGo is also working on other projects, such as the CryptoCurrency Security Standard in conjunction with C4, a non-profit organization specializing in crypto security certifications.

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Photo Sources: BitGo and TradeBlock

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