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BitHera Announces the Launch of its Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform


Bitcoinist | Jul 28, 2020 | 08:49

bithera cryptocurrency exchange Press releases

BitHera Announces the Launch of its Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform


Bitcoinist | Jul 28, 2020 | 08:49


BitHera is a budding cryptocurrency exchange platform that will enable the general masses to trade cryptocurrencies with ease!

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have achieved global recognition since Bitcoin’s inception in 2009. A lot of cryptocurrency exchanges have been founded in these 11 years to facilitate investors in making seamless crypto transactions.

However, an average investor still finds it difficult to interact with the highly technical interfaces that most platforms provide. Furthermore, low liquidity, and security maintenance still remain as barriers. BitHera is glad to announce the launch of a cryptocurrency exchange to eliminate all these problems.

BitHera is a Singapore-based company that was established in 2018 with a staff of around 100 software engineers. The company has built a reputation for always being on top in the technology and IT industry. BitHera is all set to begin its operations as a cryptocurrency exchange from June 2020. The firm will also offer the services of futures trading, margin trading, crypto loan, and crypto staking.

BitHera is not only launching a cryptocurrency exchange but an entire blockchain ecosystem. In the words of one of the managers of the company: “This innovative ecosystem consists of BitHera Exchange, BitHera Coin, BitHera Chain, BitHera Wallet, and Staking Pool. 

*** BitHera Exchange is one of the fastest and most powerful decentralized crypto exchanges in the world. 

*** BitHera is a utility coin that creates liquidity for every market access and is adopted to pay for all BitHera Exchange fees. 

*** BitHera Chain is a community-driven blockchain software system, with developers and contributors from all over the world. 

*** BitHera Wallet is a secure, exclusive decentralized wallet where users can send, receive and store their digital assets.

 *** Staking is a practical program that allows users to receive discounted trading fees, to store funds safely without any concerns of loss. 

*** BitHera Launchpad is the launching platform that assists entrepreneurs to bring their potential crypto projects to life.

“Learned and developed from Binance, BitHera Exchange aims to become a decentralized exchange based on the native token BHC. We have a long-term plan to develop BitHera chains and a coin burning plan to promote the scarcity of BitHera coins. Meanwhile, staking always plays a role in boosting the scarcity and promoting the value of BitHera coins to grow in the long run. We support the growth of BitHera coin, and the coin will act as a substitute for payment and currency exchange for businesses and individuals with the largest amount and the lowest cost.” BitHera Coin BHC plays a core role in the BitHera ecosystem since it will be used to pay transaction fees as well as bonuses for the system’s staking and marketing programs. 

The company has also designed a staking program through which it will help crypto investors maximize the yield of their investment. “We increase your crypto assets’ value by forming a staking pool that generates the highest yielding opportunities”, as explained by the company’s spokesperson.

BitHera is looking for a global partnership and has announced a reward of 10,000,000 to 200,000,000 BHC coins for developers from each country.

The investors are entitled to receive attractive rewards and compound interest when they take part in the BHC Staking program.

BitHera plans to boost the price of its native coin by employing a coin burning strategy.

About the Company

BitHera is an emerging cryptocurrency exchange that will enable users to buy, sell and earn BTC, ETH, and hundreds of other crypto coins on the fastest and most powerful decentralized digital asset exchange in the world.

Contact Information

Company: BitHera PTE Ltd – Singapore



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