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CryptoAltum Enables Industry Best Leverage, Low Spreads On Crypto, Gold, FX And More


Bitcoinist | Jun 30, 2020 | 09:00

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CryptoAltum Enables Industry Best Leverage, Low Spreads On Crypto, Gold, FX And More


Bitcoinist | Jun 30, 2020 | 09:00


Over the last 11 years, the cryptocurrency market has grown and has become an arena of cookie-cutter competitions. Each crypto trading platform simply offers the same features, the same handful trading options, at the same 100x leverage.

Finding a reliable platform that offers more, is like finding a needle in a haystack. However, within less than a year, a new Marshall Island-based CFD trading platform has stood out for providing the highest leverage in the cryptocurrency industry, the tightest spreads, and over 60 different cryptocurrency trading pairs. And that’s just scratching the surface of what CryptoAltum has to offer. 

Traders Gear Up For Profit With CryptoAltum’s 500x Leverage And $3 Spreads

In less than one year on the market, CryptoAltum has gone from being a newcomer to the leading choice for global crypto traders. 

The reliable MetaTrader 5-based CFD trading platform boasts of several features that put it on a level much higher than counterparts. Straight-through processing means trades execute with lightning speed and precision. Orders fill at 100%, with no frustrating partial fills. Spreads are the tightest across the industry. BTCUSD averages at $3 – a shocking 400% appreciation over competitors.

The company is dedicated to providing the fairest and transparent pricing across the market. But that’s not the only way CryptoAltum has caught the attention of the global trading community.

CryptoAltum also offers an industry best 500x leverage across over 60 cryptocurrency trading pairs. That’s more than double the number of trading pairs on other top exchanges and up to five times the leverage.

Access Over 60 Cryptocurrency Trading Pairs, Gold, FX, Stock Indices, and More

500x leverage is offered across all 60 cryptocurrency trading pairs, including crypto to fiat pairs across USD, JPY, and more, as well as the crypto to crypto pairs like ETHBTC and XRPBTC.

In addition to mainstays like Bitcoin and Ethereum, CryptoAltum even offers trading pairs for other altcoins such as Monero, EOS, Tron, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin SV.

Perhaps even more enticing, is the fact that CryptoAltum also offers exposure to gold, forex, and stock indices like the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Every major forex currency pair is included from the world’s most liquid market.

These markets have become extremely volatile in recent months, providing traders with unmatched opportunities for reaping decent profits.

What Is CryptoAltum?

CryptoAltum is a Marshall Island-based, CFD trading platform open to traders across the globe. The platform is based on a customized version of the industry-standard MT5 system for a seamless trading experience for all.

The company utilizes multi-sig wallets and cold storage in four different locations. Private keys are backed up securely, and each day, all company wallets are backed up as well.

CryptoAltum’s registration process takes very little time due to its no-KYC policy. Traders can breeze through the steps and get started quickly. 

There are no deposit or withdrawal restrictions, and no personal information required, offering clients complete flexibility and anonymity.

The website also includes helpful features such as a leverage calculator, a glossary, and a cryptocurrency converter tool. 

CryptoAltum also offers free daily market updates covering BTC, ETH and XRP via its blog and Telegram Channel

Visit CryptoAltum for more information or to register for a free trading account today.

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