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CryptoWoo Announces New Payment Plugin for Webshops


Bitcoinist | Mar 28, 2016 | 12:00

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CryptoWoo Announces New Payment Plugin for Webshops


Bitcoinist | Mar 28, 2016 | 12:00


CryptoWoo is a digital currency payment plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce webshops. With this plugin, WooCommerce merchants can accept bitcoin, litecoin and dogecoin in their WordPress-based webshops.

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The plugin comes with multiple features aimed at providing a comprehensive payment tool for digital currencies. Advertising things like live exchange, fast payment processing, and ShapeShift integration, the CryptoWoo plugin seems to have all its bases covered.

About the CryptoWoo Plugin


Here is a complete list of all the advertised plugin features:

  • Keep the user on your website
  • Live exchange rate feed
  • Fast payment processing
  • No middleman fees
  • HD wallet addon
  • Secure API
  • No full node required
  • Payment Forwarding
  • Flexible Settings
  • ShapeShift integrations

If you are interested in the details on these features, you can read about all of them here

Setting up the plugin is fairly simple. CryptoWoo provides 4 setup steps on their website:

  1. Install and activate the plugin via the WordPress installation routine
  2. Enter your API keys for the currencies you want to accept in your store
  3. Follow the instructions in the plugin settings area to set up the required cronjobs
  4. Set the “Enable WooCommerce Checkout Gateway” switch to “On.”

The website also provides support for merchants experiencing issues setting up the plugin.

This plugin natively supports bitcoin, litecoin and dogecoin payments, but other currencies can be accepted through CryptoWoo’s ShapeShift integration. Therefore, users can accept any cryptocurrency supported by ShapeShift, and can also get paid in their preferred currencies. Merchants can also control which currencies are accepted in their stores; if a merchant wants to disable a currency on the plugin, he or she just has to remove the corresponding API keys from the plugin settings.

Since CryptoWoo does not offer currency conversions from digital currency to fiat, it can allow merchants to use the plugin without taking a percentage from their revenues. Storeowners also get more control over the checkout process, as well as their own data and their customer’s data. According to the website:

“This caters especially to merchants that don’t need instant currency conversion to their national currency and/or want to keep and accumulate digital currencies. Use the forwarding address feature to instantly forward your sales revenue to addresses of your choice.”

There are also no per-transaction fees associated with the plugin. CryptoWoo charges a yearly fee for the plugin license, as well as updates and support. A paid account at or may be required depending on the number of sales in the store.

Starting with the next release of the plugin, merchants will be able to connect their stores to any “Insight API” instance, BitPay’s open source block explorer API. Combined with CryptoWoo’s HD wallet add-on, this new feature will reportedly make the plugin truly independent from third-parties.

This feature also allows merchants to choose which blockchain they want to use. This ability will become especially important as a Bitcoin blockchain protocol hard fork looms nearer. Thus, with the next release of the plugin, merchants will be able to freely choose the blockchain they supports, while continuing to enjoy the security of HD wallets.

Plugin prices start at $34 USD for a single store license, and move up to $49 for a multi store license, and then $99 for a premium license. All license packages include fully automated payment processing, real-time exchange rates, one year of upgrades, and one year of support.

Images courtesy of CryptoWoo.

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