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‘DASH School’ Explains Blockchain Like You’re Five


Amanda B. Johnson | Sep 14, 2016 | 09:00

Dash school Altcoin News

‘DASH School’ Explains Blockchain Like You’re Five


Amanda B. Johnson | Sep 14, 2016 | 09:00


Many online tutorials and guides exist to explain what a blockchain is and what it does, but most aren’t suitable for a five-year-old. And in this very new tech space, it’s safe to say that many people probably feel like they’re five years old when introduced to blockchain-ery. So why not make their introduction more fun, friendly, and easy? That’s exactly what we’re doing. Welcome to the Dash School

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Dash School Is in Session

I’ve just published this six-video mini series which takes the viewer from the simplest introduction of blockchain technology (the first three videos, actually!), through how Dash’s DAO works, to our forthcoming Mom-suitable product “Evolution.”

#1. What is a Blockchain?

The concept of a digital ledger is foundational to grasping the workings of digital currency. So why not just call it a “digital ledger,” then? This video explains why a public “chain of blocks” is needed to ensure open and honest accounting.

#2. How Does a Blockchain Work?

Who gets to make entries into the ledger? When? Why should we trust their entries? Behold the introduction to proof-of-work mining, block rewards, and block times. Yowza!

#3. How Can a Blockchain be a Monetary System?

So the blockchain is a digital ledger of ownership — how does that relate to money and payments? How does one have an “account” on a blockchain? Oh, my — it’s an explainer of the use of cryptography. Barely.

#4. How is Dash’s Blockchain Funded & Governed?

Here’s where we get to the fun stuff — why Dash is different. Raise your hand if you want to offer money-as-a-service. But how? Behold the explainer of Dash’s DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) and why we think it’s foundational to offering money services to customers.

#5. How Does Dash Offer Instant & Private Payments?

Did you know that Dash is the only blockchain network which offers both instant and private payment options? Learn why these properties are essential to “digital cash,” and how our “masternodes” enable them.

#6. How Can Digital Cash Become Accessible to All?

So you get it now — blockchain is cool and Dash is crazy-innovative and yada yada. Okay, so why doesn’t your mom use this stuff? Helluva question. Learn Dash’s answer to this question and how we plan to court your mom. Yup, I said it.

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Image via DASH: Detailed on YouTube

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