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Engagement Engine 1World Online Announces ICO for Improved User Experience Model


Bitcoin PR Buzz | Nov 10, 2017 | 17:00

Engagement Engine 1World Online Announces ICO for Improved User Experience Model Bitcoin PR Buzz

Engagement Engine 1World Online Announces ICO for Improved User Experience Model


Bitcoin PR Buzz | Nov 10, 2017 | 17:00


Founded in 2011 by some of the world’s leading personalities in marketing and entrepreneurship, 1World Online’s proven interactive media solution is used by over 2,000 websites and publishers to drive new revenue and increase reader engagement. Located in four global offices in the US, Ukraine, Europe and Latin America, 1World has served 12 million users over its lifetime and today hosts some 1.5 million monthly participants, supporting 30 languages worldwide.

[Note: This is a press release.]

The platform allows publishers and brands to engage directly with consumers through the use of innovative and interactive tools for community engagement. These include modern tools such as in-context polls, quizzes, debates, trivia, insights and interactive maps that are proven to increase engagement by up to 15%, keep users up to 4 times longer on sites, double the pages visited and increase returning readers by up to 4 times.

Publishers and brands are able to tap into a vast array of informative resources, learning more about consumers through embedded advertising, commercial data collection and sophisticated analytics.

Understanding the constant need for new content, 1World assists publishers and brands with delivering fresh and newsworthy content optimized for consumers. Platform users are able to:

  • Discover new content and suggest recommendations on their sites.
  • Create social boosts through enjoyable content that they can share.
  • Collect data on their readers to better understand their audience and improve content relevance
  • Perform content syndication or syndicate material from other publishers.

1World’s unmatched interaction and monetization suite have led it to become one of the most widely recognized engagement and revenue platforms.

Integrating with Blockchain

Recognizing the potential for blockchain innovations to further improve its engagement and monetization solution, 1World has developed a proposal to integrate its global platform with blockchain capabilities. Thanks to the perceptive insight of consumer trends and online behavior, 1World envisions an industry need for 1WO tokens to increase online engagement via blockchain innovation.

Through a tokenized reward system, it foresees the elimination of conflicts between user experience and ad monetization. The 1WO token will be the innovative cryptocurrency powering reward settlement on the 1World platform. These tokens will enable a multitude of actions for users on the platform:

  • View websites and be rewarded.
  • Opt-out of viewing and instead use tokens to unlock quality content from publishers.
  • Exchange tokens for perks such as subscriptions and packaged goods at no extra cost.
  • Convert tokens to traditional money (fiat) or other cryptocurrencies through exchanges supporting 1WO.

The 1World ICO and 1WO token

To raise funds required for its blockchain integration, 1World is holding an ICO from October 5 to November 16, 2017, (8 pm GMT+1), offering 50 million 1WO tokens for sale at an initial price of $1 each.

Having already raised more than its soft cap target of $5 million since its launch, tokens can now be purchased during the current period for a price of $1.20 each.

With a total supply of 160 million, no further 1WO tokens will ever be issued after the ICO.

Funds raised from the 1World token sale will be deposited into a third-party escrow in BTC and fiat, to be released to 1World Online upon the conclusion of the ICO. Tokens will be distributed on November 16, 2017.

Users can participate now in the ICO and purchase 1WO tokens with BTC, LTC, DASH, ETC, ETH, XMR, ZEC or USD (via Credit Card, ACH, check, or Paypal).

To learn more about this project, please visit the 1World Online official website.

Images courtesy of iWorld

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