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iDice: World’s First Mobile Ethereum Blockchain Powered Gambling App Launches ICO


Bitcoinist | Jun 11, 2017 | 13:00

iDice: World's First Mobile Ethereum Blockchain Powered Gambling App Launches ICO Press releases

iDice: World’s First Mobile Ethereum Blockchain Powered Gambling App Launches ICO


Bitcoinist | Jun 11, 2017 | 13:00


iDice is the world’s first mobile blockchain gambling app powered by Ethereum. The iDice crowdsale is currently live.

[Note: This is a press release]

Ever since the sale of SatoshiDICE in 2013 for a record-smashing 126,315 BTC ($315,787,500 USD in today’s prices), Dice betting has played a major role in blockchain history. Experts estimate that roughly 50% to 60% of all blockchain transactions are gambling related. However, the blockchain gambling sphere is not short on competition.

The iDice Opportunity

The iDice team is not looking to compete directly with pre-existing gambling apps. Blockchain gambling is predominantly for desktop platforms. There isn’t a single gambling related app that is available for mobile devices so far. Jordan Wong, the creator of iDice, believes that the mobile segment is an untapped market and a huge opportunity for iDice:

Studies have shown that the majority of all internet traffic nowadays come from mobile devices. Mobile apps grow insanely popular in a very short period of time. People spend more time on their phones than any other platform. I think the future of blockchain technology is in mobile devices.

The numbers show a conclusive story. It is reported that roughly 60% of all searches come from mobile devices. Internet traffic originating from mobile platforms surpassed desktop platforms in 2016 and that number is still growing. Despite the increasing trend of mobile app blockchain startups, the gambling sphere has yet to respond with a mobile app of their own.

Mobile Traffic Shares

Bitcoin has a 24hr volume of $1.56 billion USD alone and Ethereum (the 2nd biggest cryptocurrency) has a volume of $550.8 million. This makes blockchain gambling one of the biggest industries in the world, with more than $1billion USD worth of bets processed every 24 hours.

The combination of growing mobile users and large blockchain gambling industry makes the mobile blockchain gambling segment an untapped market with huge potential for growth.

The iDice team has their eyes set on dominating this segment. The release of the iDice’s mobile app late Q3 of this year will grant iDice a monopoly over the mobile blockchain gambling market, and establish their brand as the market leader for years to come.

The Fastest Growing Gambling Platform to Date

The iDice team has already shown what their platform is capable of. The iDice beta release generated 720ETH ($231,840) in player profits within the first 2 months. What makes this number even more impressive is that the team managed to do this without any promotional effort. Jordan was very surprised.

We never expected the iDice beta became so popular. Our goal in launching the beta was only to test the platform and gain user feedback.

iDice Mobile Gambling App

Jordan attributes iDice’s popularity to the platform’s smooth user experience and reliability:

We really focused on making the platform work smoothly and reliably without any compromises. I think the players who’ve played our beta stuck around because of our platform’s performance.

Bradley Celik, a heavyweight in the IT world and a mentor to the team, is proud of the team’s success.

They did a good job. They nailed it with the platform, and the results show it. It’s been an absolute pleasure to be an advisor to the project. I’m confident that iDice will be making big waves in the coming months.

Safe and Reliable

What really makes the iDice platform stand out is its unique safety and reliability. Cryptocurrency is plagued by several highly prolific hacks that have occurred, with the most recent DAO attack on April 2016 claiming 3.6 million ETH (~4 billion USD).

Ethereum logo

Thanks to Ethereum Smart contract technology, iDice players won’t have to worry about losing their funds from 3rd party attacks. The iDice platform does not require an account or any deposits to play making it immune to any hacking attempts. Instead, players directly send their Ether to the iDice game address from the safety of their own wallet. From there, the result of the game is computed through an oracle that retrieves random numbers from

The iDice platform is unique in that it does not have any server architecture like traditional gambling Dapps. iDice also has an open source code that is available for anyone to view online, allowing it to be fully transparent and provably fair.

Join iDice

The success of the iDice Beta has prompted the team, who have been in stealth development for the past year, to launch their ICO (Initial Crowd Offering) granting the public a unique opportunity to invest in the company. Ethereum can be exchanged for iDice tokens, which are like preferred shares of a company.

iDice tokens grant the token holder the right to claim a portion of iDice’s total profits like a dividend. These tokens are exchangeable just like stocks. There is a limited supply of 5 million iDice tokens that are available during the crowdsale. There will be no more iDice tokens that will be created after the ICO.

Images courtesy of iDice, Ethereum, SmartInsights

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