Reading: Indacoin: The Simpliest Exchange

Bitcoin Businesses

Indacoin: The Simpliest Exchange

John Scianna | Jun 25, 2014 | 13:10

Bitcoin Businesses

Indacoin: The Simpliest Exchange

John Scianna | Jun 25, 2014 | 13:10

Indacoin, no, it’s not an India based exchange, but it is perhaps one of the easiest ways to acquire bitcoins. Based in the United Kingdom, although a global company, Indacoin is unlike other exchanges. Obtaining bitcoin can sometimes feel like an overly intrusive process, Indacoin knows that and only takes what’s necessary.

“We are doing our best to let non-experienced users touch the new world of Cryptocurrencies. That is the main reason why we have launched our Exchanger with no registration and no verification. You only have to have a Bitcoin or Litecoin wallet along with a credit card to purchase the coins and you could do it instantly with barely any effort.”

-CEO of Indacoin

When buying bitcoin or litecoin on Indacoin you only need to enter your email, credit card information and the bitcoin or litecoin address to where you like your coins sent. It’s as simple as that.

But if you do happen to have any questions about the service there is an agent waiting to answer them, promptly.


The exchange lets you purchase as low as a dollars worth of BTC all the way up to $1,000. If your credit card is 3-D secure you can receive your BTC in less than 30 minutes, that’s right minutes, not days! If your credit card is not 3-D secure, you will have to provide some additional information, but again, you will receive your coins in minutes as soon as you are approved.

The process only gets easier when you buy again, if you use the same credit card and email you don’t have to do the extra step again. Just put in your details as pictured below.


Only two steps latter and you are here with a receipt of your transaction and minutes later your coins in your wallet. Yes, it is that easy.


If you happen to have a Russian credit card you are also able to debit up to about $2,200 worth bitcoins or litecoins per day to your credit card almost as simply as it is to buy them on the exchange.

Users can choose to keep their location anonymous by using Tor or other VPN services because Indacoin has plenty of ways to make sure the transactions aren’t fraudulent and allows users to stay somewhat anonymous which, for a lot of people, is a huge plus.

Indacoin, will soon open up its professional bitcoin exchange for traders in early July, but you are going to have to stay tuned for that announcement, in the meantime, get familiar with their site and see for yourself how easy it is and don’t just take my word for it.

They are some notable investors backing them, in which some will be revealed when their professional exchange update comes out illustrating how big this exchange will be.

“We are sure that bitcoin has to be used for e-shopping, international transactions and other stuff, not only for trading and investing. And the less obstacles people face when buying bitcoin, the more widespread acceptance, it will gain.”

– CEO of Indacoin

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