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Keepkey Expands Worldwide to Retailers and Vendors


Evan Faggart | Mar 09, 2016 | 14:41

KeepKey Bitcoin

Keepkey Expands Worldwide to Retailers and Vendors


Evan Faggart | Mar 09, 2016 | 14:41


“The KeepKey is the most secure, user-friendly, premium hardware wallet device on the market,” said Doug Miller, KeepKey director of strategic alliances and business development.“Sticking to our core values, we brought to market a device accessible to everyone so they too can experience using Bitcoin and the Blockchain with ease and peace of mind.”

Disclaimer: This is a press release. Bitcoinist is not affiliated with this firm and is not responsible for its goods and/or services. 

New Reseller Program Takes Keepkey Across the Globe

KeepKeyThe Reseller program allows retailers and vendors worldwide to share in the success of KeepKey’s exceptional product and craftsmanship, allowing wholesale price-points as follows:

  • 0-24 units at USD $180. Retail at USD $239 for a profit of $59.00 per unit
  • 25-49 units at USD $170. Retail at USD $239 for a profit of $69.00 per unit
  • 50-100 units at USD $160. Retail at USD $239 for a profit of $79.00 per unit
  • 101-200+ units KeepKey is open to negotiate with profit margins adjusted accordingly

Currently, KeepKey has resellers in Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia Singapore and Taiwan.

KeepKey also operates a global Affiliate program, which is a great inroad into becoming a full-on reseller of the hardware wallet.

Simply add a graphic or link to your site to help drive sales and cash in on up to 10 percent of any eventual sales resulting from the traffic you produce, perhaps via a link on your site, social media platforms or newsletter.

Justin Knowles, owner of Tihk, an ecommerce site with an urban survival scope, is a current    Affiliate member and says the program is easy to join and an effective apparatus to experiment with the product’s popularity.

“It’s totally painless,” said Knowles. “An affiliate program like [KeepKey’s] allows ecommerce stores to test the product with customers without committing to purchasing wholesale.”

Knowles added, he intends to pursue a wholesale purchase as he’s seen interest in the KeepKey increase among his niche base at since joining as an affiliate in January.

New Affiliate Referral Program

There are now three different ways to make money in the KeepKey network.

The company’s new Affiliate Referral program lets you earn by referring other affiliates. For every affiliate you refer to the network, you will earn 5% of their earnings for the lifetime of the account.

To join the program have your email address entered during initial signup, when the person is asked who referred them.

You can also contact the company to manually setup the referral.

The two other ways to earn with KeepKey:

  1. You can earn commission on every KeepKey sale you generate. When you refer someone to KeepKey’s website and it results in a purchase directly from our site, you get 10% ($23.90).
  2. You can earn commission off of each unique Amazon click. If someone you refer to our website exits to Amazon, you get paid a blended commission of $0.80 per unique exit click.

The best way to receive immediate help is to contact Once approved, users can access their account at

Press Contact:

Kevin Hobbs


Ph: 604-379-9032

Images courtesy of Keepkey.

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