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Luckchemy – Provable Fairness and Guaranteed Security in iGaming


Georgi Georgiev | Apr 29, 2018 | 22:00

Luckchemy: Forging Strategic iGaming Partnerships Through Continued Expansion Sponsored Article

Luckchemy – Provable Fairness and Guaranteed Security in iGaming


Georgi Georgiev | Apr 29, 2018 | 22:00


After six months of preparation and expectation, Luckchemy finally announced the dates for their ICO. With the pre-sale starting on the 30th of April, early investors will be able to take advantage of a substantial 40% discount.

What is Luckchemy?

Off-chain cryptography, as well as blockchain technology, are the key features of this scalable and provably fair iGaming platform. Luckchemy is going to develop and publish its own products and it is also intended to anticipate interactions with a range of entities, including 3rd party content providers.

The platform will provide a massive range of functionality which spans across three different directions:

Own Games

Luckchemy will bring forward its own games which will include but are not limited to real money Scratchers, Classic Powerball-like lottery, and Holders Draw as a unique benefit for Luckchemy investors – every month randomly chosen LUK holders will get additional wins and others of the kind.

Third Parties

One of the main designations of the platform is to create tremendous optionality of games for its users in the shortest possible terms. Backed up by industry leading partners, the platform will provide the chance to access the best RMG games quickly. At the same time, indie developers will be able to contribute their own games on the Luckchemy platform, reaching out to its audience and competing with other developers as well.

White Label Solutions

Famous brands will be able to take advantage of the fair, blockchain-based games under their own brand’s name. Luckchemy will handle all the steps for them – starting from the development to the licensing and even the payment processing.

The multidirectional approach that the platform is taking aims to spread a strong as well as a wide network of different products, open up new multiple placement channels and strengthening its chance of success.

This is the main reason for which the startup has already been highly praised by such online iGaming experts such as Adam Krejcik, Chris Groove, Todd Eilers, and Masa Suganuma. Investments have already started to flow into the Luckchemy project, even before the pre-ICO has opened up.

Solving iGaming’s Biggest Challenges

Amongst the biggest issues for customers in the field of iGaming is the trust in the game’s content as well as in the operator’s ability to treat them in a fair manner and to access quick and secure online payment. Going further, the fairness of the games which are being played is also amongst the things users ask the most. While there are certain fairness reports being published regularly, they are far from being as transparent and understandable to the regular user as they should be.

Luckchemy solves these issues through its comprehensive integration of blockchain-based technology as well as off-chain cryptography.

Digital and RMG expert Adam Krejcik notes:

A modern iGaming platform needs to be able to offer customers the transparency, control and trust that comes with the Blockchain. It needs to give more flexibility to both operators and consumers while building and maintaining trust in security, game management and payments.

The platform’s use of blockchain technology means that there are no winning numbers or lottery tickets which could be falsified. At the same time, all the procedures required for the distribution of the prize pool as well as for paying off the winnings are supported by smart contracts, therefore are as transparent as they can be.

LUK Token Holder Benefits

Luckchemy (LUK) token holders will be entitled to a range of different benefits. They would be able to:

  • Take part in all games on the platform
  • Take part in exclusive monthly jackpots raffle solely for LUK token holders
  • Guide the development of the platform games by voting

Of course, the advantages don’t stop there. For instance, those seeking white label solutions will receive backend, licenses, and all the necessary information required to use the Luckchemy games under their own brands.

The pre-ICO is scheduled to begin on the 30th of April and it will allocate tokens with a serious 40% discount. However, the credibility of the platform, as well as its achievements so far, have already attracted investors.

You can find out more about the Luckchemy platform at their official website, their Facebook page, Medium or Twitter. You can also follow the live discussion on their Telegram chat.

What are your thoughts on the Luckchemy platform? What are its advantages over similar platforms? Let us know in the comments below.

Images courtesy of Luckchemy, DepositPhotos

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