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Altcoin News

Neucoin Announces Presale to be Held on April 28

Altcoin News

Neucoin Announces Presale to be Held on April 28


For a coin that hasn’t even officially launched yet, NeuCoin has been making strides to be a consumer-friendly cryptocurrency with a focus on micropayments. NeuCoin markets itself on being the first cryptocurrency that:

  • makes it easy for regular consumers to access and use
  • is free for consumers to try out with zero friction
  • is designed for online micropayments (from $.01 to $1), an area where traditional payment methods are unviable or inefficient
  • is distributed not just to miners, but to all who grow its value and utility
  • is secure, efficient and decentralized in the long-run based on an innovative proof-of-stake technology
  • is supported by well-funded non-profit foundations dedicated to maximizing its utility and value

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Neucoin marketNeuCoin already has $2.25 million in funding via angel investors, as well as partnerships with MondoMedia, Jango, and RadioAirplay. NeuCoin hopes that, through POS and its superior coin distribution, cryptocurrency can finally achieve tangible progress on the mainstream adoption front.

Cryptocurrency has not seen much mainstream adoption in the six years since the creation of Bitcoin. From a consumer perspective, cryptocurrency is still niche, techy, and inaccessible to regular folks.

The NeuCoin presale is set to start on April 28, 2015. The NeuCoin price will start at 25,000 NeuCoin per bitcoin, which is approximately $0.01 percoin. The price will increase by 1% either at the end of the 60-day or when the 100 million coins have been sold, depending on which milestone is reached first.

All proceeds from the presale will be held in escrow until NeuCoin officially launches. Upon launch, funds will be distributed among NeuCoin’s three Isle of Man-based foundations: the Code, Growth, and Utility Foundations. These funds, as well as any cash remaining from the last round of angel funding, will be used financially to support core development, consumer marketing, and projects that increase the utility of the cryptocurrency. If NeuCoin does not launch by September 30, 2015, all funds will be returned to presale participants.

For more information regarding the presale, visit NeuCoin’s website.

Will you be participating in the NeuCoin presale? Let us know in the comments below!


Photo Source: Courtesy of Neucoin

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