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ASIC miners

Spondoolies-Tech SP-10 Dawson Review + Video


Bitcoinist | Jul 03, 2014 | 11:00

ASIC miners

Spondoolies-Tech SP-10 Dawson Review + Video


Bitcoinist | Jul 03, 2014 | 11:00



The first time we heard about Spondoolies-Tech was at the 2014 Amsterdam conference. I had a chance to talk to the company leaders and ask about their product. You can find the interview that was made with them below.

[youtube id=”FYtAdUJTdHw” mode=”normal” align=”center”]

The mining hardware provider sector is getting bigger and bigger. People are not risking to pre order as their trust have been vanished because of scam companies, failed deliveries or used products.
It is great to see a company who entered the market with a ready product. Spondoolies-Tech did not take money in advance for their SP 10 to tape out their chip. They first made the product and delivered literally with next day air once full payment was made.

We got our hands on their miner and managed to make a review. Before we would go into the tech part let me write a few words about the the most important man who runs this company.

Spondoolies-Tech CEO Guy Corem

Guy-CoremGuy`s experiences are ranging from founding start ups to leading open source development team in the areas of Asics,
drivers and firmware as well.  He has been also  working in the corporate world for Intel and Voltaire,
 so no wonder how could they build such a stable and reliable miner. When i talked to him back in Amsterdam
he was really confident about his miners just like any other CEO would. After we received and started to test the
miner i realized why he was that much confident.

Shipping and packaging

photo 3 As I wrote in the lead at the beginning of the article the shipping was a great surprise in terms of the delivery times. The company provides a tracking number and uses DHL so we had a great experience with that. In terms of packaging. The product is really compact and came in a really strong box. It was well secured with foam pads making sure that the miner would not get damaged on the way. This is really important as we have seen quite a lot of problems with KNC delivering broken products killing your ROI even more.


photo 2 photo 3 photo 5 photo 1

Long terms stats

 We have let the miner run for over a month to be able to provide you long term mining stats as well. It was great to see that the performance did not go too much below the promised 1.4 TH.
You can see the graphs below.

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 10.40.05

As you can see, the device is incredible stable according to the other tested miners statistics. It has been placed in normal room, not data centre and average temperature is 24.4 C degrees. Cooler during night time and warmer in sunny summer days. We really wanted to make an everyday test, so the data centre solution with the average of 21.2 day and night is not a relevant data for home miners. Even the broadband connection was less stable then the SP10 so these guys made an incredible job on the engineering site. We have tested the SP10 Dawson in highest hashing mode with turbo fans!


Here is our review video including the screen cast set up tutorial

[youtube id=”5Ir2mSn1kBU” mode=”normal” align=”center”]

Setting up the miner

As we mention on the video, we suggest the DHCP solution for home mining, you just plug in a UTP cable and the power supply and it works! It is really easy to find your miner, just go to from a laptop or desktop connected to the same network, after that you logged in to your miner it is easy as a pie.


If you need full configuration instructions, see the review video.

Technical specifications

Effective Hash Rate 1.4TH/s ± 10%
ASIC Total 192 Spondoolies Tech Hammer ASICs
Controller TI Sitara 1GHz (based on Beagle Bone Black)
Controller Board OS Linux (embedded)
Mining Software cgminer with custom plugin
Form Factor 1.25 U rack mountable (mounting ears required)
Network Single 10/100 Ethernet port
Fans 6 x 40mm
Power Supply 1050 W (up to 1200 W PSU to boost performance)
Input Rating 90-264 VAC
Nominal Power Consumption 1250 W
Ambient Operating Temperature 0 °C to 35 °C
Emissions Compliance FCC / CE
Safety Certification CE
Noise Level 68 dB

Overall impression

We were really satisfied with the product. It has just one tiny bit of a problem which is its noise. So if you don’t want to keep it in your bedroom or in your living room it is a must have for all all miners.

The product size, the 1.25U rack is incredible, really a masterpiece of engineering, really like the idea of the Data centre and living room ready product. The boards and heatsinks are fine, the controller and the fans are on a different part, really impressed with the small size and high hashrate.

We can’t wait to test their new 6TH SP30 YUKON


For more information on the Spondoolies-Tech and on the product please visit their web page:

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