This DEX Project May be Fiat’s Layer 2 Solution

AdEx: Revamping Digital Advertising Via Blockchain Technology, Now Out of Beta

Blockchain technology has been hailed as a disruptor of several aspects of the global business process since its emergence. For Adtech startup AdEx, decentralization holds the key to...

Bitcoinist | 12 months ago
brave browser doing great

Brave Browser Hits 8 Million Monthly Users For Crypto Powered Browsing

The web browser platform Brave has reached a milestone in terms of users and privacy advertising campaigns. Powered by the BAT crypto-token, the innovative platform is growing fast and...

Martin Young | 1 year ago
The Bridge Over Troubled Water

HBUS Launches First Ever Cryptocurrency Billboard Campaign in the US

HBUS has launched a cryptocurrency-themed billboard campaign to sensitize people about the emerging virtual asset class. The company which is the exclusive U.S. partner of...

Osato Avan-Nomayo | 2 years ago
Google Co-Founder Says He’s Been Mining Ethereum With His Son
News teaser

Google to Allow Cryptocurrency Ads Again, But There’s a Catch

Google will, once again, allow advertising for regulated cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States and Japan starting from October. The move comes four short months after its...

Georgi Georgiev | 2 years ago

Russia: Court Issues First Ever Fine For Cryptocurrency Advertising

A Russian court has ruled for the first time that a local newspaper must pay a fine of 50,000 rubles ($760) after it ran a cryptocurrency mining advertisement. ‘Financial, Not...

Wilma Woo | 2 years ago
Google facebook

Google, Facebook Ad Ban Reversal Fuels Coinbase Acquisition Rumors

Google and Facebook appear to have cemented their promise to reverse a blanket ban on cryptocurrency advertising as Coinbase begins publicity moves. Coinbase ‘Whitelisted’...

Wilma Woo | 3 years ago
Can Blockchain and AI Make Ads Work for You?

Can Blockchain and AI Make Ads Work for You?

With the growth of the internet, a massive industry of online and digital advertising has sprung up, which has had a huge impact on the global economy. For many businesses, online...

Bitcoinist | 3 years ago
Trivver Primed to Accelerate Adoption, Commercialization, and Monetization of XR Technology (Interview)

Trivver Primed to Accelerate Adoption, Commercialization, and Monetization of XR Technology...

In today’s increasingly digital world, traditional advertising is losing its impact as businesses constantly strive for new ways to reach their target audience in meaningful and...

Cynthia Turcotte | 3 years ago
bitcoin price mirroring 2017 bull market

Facebook to Take Bitcoin ‘Back Towards the Bulls,’ Claims deVere CEO

Facebook has reversed its outright ban on cryptocurrency advertisements, and some experts believe this is just the catalyst needed to put the bulls back in control.  ‘Another...

Adam James | 3 years ago
Trivver Primed to Accelerate Adoption, Commercialization, and Monetization of XR Technology (Interview)

Trivver Has Brought Advertising to Extended Reality

Extended reality (XR) is an exciting and emerging technology that will reshape the way we experience digital environments. Naturally, advertising will be a crucial and lucrative...

Bitcoinist | 3 years ago
India Becoming the ICO-marketing Hub for Crypto Platforms

India Becoming the ICO-Marketing Hub for Crypto Platforms

India may be most well known for its Taj Mahal and Golden Temple. However, it is gaining a reputation in the crypto community as a place to find an extremely affordable provider of...

Nikita Blows | 3 years ago
Facebook Is Renouncing Its Ban on Cryptocurrency Ads

Facebook Banning ICO Ads a Good Thing for Crypto

Anyone that has spent any time on ‘the social network’ will be well aware that 80% of what you see there is digital dross. Facebook is renowned for disseminating clickbait...

Martin Young | 3 years ago

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