Q: When is a Bitcoin not a Bitcoin? A: When it's Cash!

Q: When is a Bitcoin not a Bitcoin? A: When it’s Cash!

Less than a week ago BIP91 became locked-in and we all cheered. The risk of a major split in our beloved Bitcoin had passed. We could all get back to sipping our fine wine and HODLing...

Emilio Janus | 4 years ago
Bitcoin's Meteoric Weekly Rise Results in Market Cap Bigger Than Nike, Bayer, Goldman Sachs

BIP91 Locks In – Renewed Optimism Rockets Bitcoin to Over $2900

After months of disagreement and internal debate, the Bitcoin Network will finally implement a scaling solution; BIP91 has just locked in, meaning that the activation of SegWit will be...

Brian Yim | 4 years ago
BIP91 Bitcoin price

Bitcoin Price Soars as Miners Signal Upgrade to Avoid Schism

The increasing number mining pool support for BIP91 and SegWit has pushed bitcoin price upwards as a split seems to have been avoided. Disaster Averted So it looks like disaster...

Emilio Janus | 4 years ago

The Biggest Mining Pool is Now Signaling to Keep Bitcoin Whole

BIP91 blocks have been successfully mined by BiXin and Antpool helping to allay fears that Bitcoin could split in the face of incompatibility between rival Segwit2x and BIP148...

Matthew Tompkins | 4 years ago

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