Nick Szabo

Nick Szabo: Lightning Would Help Bitcoin Retain Censorship Resistance

Smart contracts and digital currency pioneer Nick Szabo has added his voice to the Blockchain scaling debate, stating that the Blockchain itself cannot handle card network transaction...

William Suberg | 4 years ago
segwit Ethereum andreas antonopoulos

HashCash Creator: Antonopoulos Explainer on SegWit ‘Best I’ve Seen’

HashCash founder and Bitcoin pioneer Adam Back along with others have praised entrepreneur Andreas Antonopoulos for his explanation of the benefits of Segregated Witness (SegWit)...

William Suberg | 4 years ago
Bitcoin Chinese Great Wall SegWit

SegWit Won’t Happen, Says Influential Chinese Bitcoin Investor

SegWit is all but doomed and Bitcoin Core has no roadmap for scaling beyond the slight bump it allows, Chinese mining investor Jiang Zhuo’er has claimed. Also read: Force of Will...

Jon Southurst | 4 years ago
Bitcoin blocks

32MB Blocks: The Newest (Old) Solution to Bitcoin Scalability

There has been an ongoing Bitcoin block size debate, and most recently a radical, old idea resurfaced: instead of increasing the block size from 1MB to 2,4 or 8MB, the protocol should...

Justin OConnell | 4 years ago
Bitcoinist_Bitcoin Ecosystem
Breaking News

Five Bitcoin ATM Operators Switched Over To Bitcoin Classic

While the war between Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Classic enthusiasts is far from over, the entire digital currency landscape is slowly starting to change. Most people assumed bitcoin...

Jp Buntinx | 5 years ago
Redwood City Ventures
ASIC miners

Sean Walsh of Redwood City Ventures on Facilitating US/Chinese Bitcoin Collaborations

Redwood City Ventures is a new name in the Bitcoin industry that people are just starting to see some of their work appearing. RWCV are focusing on helping different companies and...

Scott Fargo | 5 years ago

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