Bulletproofs: The Latest Technique to Improve Bitcoin’s...

Amazing schemes and technological innovations are being tried and implemented to continuously enhance Bitcoin’s scalability, fungibility, financial confidentiality, and privacy. The...

Julio Gil-Pulgar | Feb 25, 2018 | 01:30

Core Dev Maxwell: UASF ‘Does Not Measure Up To Standard’

Bitcoin core developer Greg Maxwell has newly outlined why he “does not support” a user-activated soft fork (UASF) as it figures in BIP 148. Maxwell: UASF ‘Guarantees...

Wilma Woo | Apr 14, 2017 | 09:00

ASICBOOST: Bitmain to Respond ‘Soon’ to Exploit...

Bitmain CEO Jihan Wu has vowed to respond ‘soon’ to accusations the miner is exploiting a Bitcoin vulnerability to manipulate mining. Bitmain, Vulnerability Outing...

Wilma Woo | Apr 06, 2017 | 05:00

Goldman Sachs Spent $50M and All It Got Was This Lousy (Fiat) Startup

Developers and commentators have hit back at Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire after he announced his startup is permanently divorcing itself from Bitcoin. CEO Allaire: Bitcoin...

William Suberg | Dec 08, 2016 | 07:00
Zero Knowledge
Breaking News

Bitcoin Gains Smart Contract Functionality With Zero Knowledge...

March 1, 2016 — Zero Knowledge Contingent Payments are have been made a reality for Bitcoin users everywhere. Core dev Gregory Maxwell and Sean Bowe, a member of the Zcash...

Tyson O'Ham | Mar 01, 2016 | 13:00

The Scoop on JoinMarket and Confidential Transactions

Today we’ll be taking a gander at JoinMarket and Confidential Transactions. I’ve known of these technologies for a while but have not used them nor do I plan to until the volume of...

Frankenmint | Feb 13, 2016 | 08:00
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31 Bitcoin Contributors Sign Block Size Proposal By Gregory Maxwell

The Bitcoin block size debate is still far from over, as a new capacity increases page with initial signatures has been posted on GitHub very recently. Quite a few prominent names in...

Jp Buntinx | Dec 22, 2015 | 03:12

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