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    Altcoins Get Clobbered, Taking the Brunt of the Bitcoin Bear Market

    Following the hack of a largely unheard-of cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea and a probe by US government investigators into Bitcoin price manipulation, the cryptocurrency market has once again broken to the downside — and things aren’t looking pretty.  Brutality At the time of this writing, the total market capitalization for cryptocurrencies is sitting at roughly $283 billion USD — a number many would’ve found unbelievable following January’s high of over $830 billion. With bears

    · June 13, 2018 · 5:00 am
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    TRON ‘Acquires’ BitTorrent, Price Fails to React

    P2P content sharing giant BitTorrent has a new owner — TRON platform founder Justin Sun — multiple reports began claiming on June 11. A Merger Of Two Rainberries Following original rumors late last month, it now appears Sun has completed an acquisition of BitTorrent, with staff even receiving official notifications of the takeover, Variety states. Sun had begun negotiating for BitTorrent as early as September last year — with the intent to purchase coming in

    · June 12, 2018 · 6:00 am
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    TRON Enters Indonesia, Claims Superiority Over Ethereum

    TRON (TRX), the tenth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, will begin trading on Indonesia’s largest cryptocurrency exchange on June 4. The project’s founder, Justin Sun, has also made the claim that TRON is able to produce Transactions Per Second (TPS) speeds of 2000 TPS.  Entering Indonesia Tron (TRX), a “global broadcast platform” which claims to be one of the largest blockchain-based operating systems in the world, will be listed on Indonesia’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Indodax. The TRX/rupiah trading

    · June 4, 2018 · 1:00 pm
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    TRON Launches Mainnet, Price Declines

    In a call for independence, TRON (TRX) launched its long-awaited mainnet. Odyssey 2.0, as the project is called, was announced on May 31st at 12 a.m. UTC. Despite what is supposed to be a game-changing event in the project’s path, altering its existence for good, the price of its native cryptocurrency marked a decline.   Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, announced the launch of the project’s mainnet in what seemed like a very celebratory

    · June 1, 2018 · 2:00 pm
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    TRON’s Justin Sun Reportedly Close to Buying BitTorrent Inc.

    Days ahead of its high-profile mainnet launch, controversial cryptocurrency company TRON is reportedly finalizing its acquisition of BitTorrent Inc.  Decentralizing the Internet According to TorrentFreak — a blog dedicated to the BitTorrent protocol, file sharing, copyright infringement, and digital rights — TRON founder Justin Sun is close to acquiring BitTorrent Inc., with both parties reportedly in the process of finalizing the details. Should the deal be finalized, TRON will absorb and utilize BitTorrent in its quest

    · May 28, 2018 · 12:00 pm
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    TRON (TRX) Completes its Ethereum (ETH) Airdrop Ahead of Main Net Launch

    Justin Sun, founder of Tron, confirmed that the TRX airdrop to the Ethereum community has been completed successfully. The event’s conclusion takes place weeks before the much anticipated Main Net launch, which is scheduled to be rolled out on May, 31st. On April 21st, Tron initiated a massive 30 million token airdrop as a show of thanks to the Ethereum community. Yesterday, a blog post on the project’s official Medium publication was published, announcing that the

    · May 8, 2018 · 8:00 pm
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    Tron (TRX) Awakes on Bittrex Listing Boost

    Nothing will boost the price of an altcoin better than a listing on a major exchange. They don’t come much bigger than Bittrex which announced the listing of Tron (TRX) a few hours ago. Tron has been lagging since its almighty pump back at the beginning of January. When crypto mania was at its peak, fear of missing out gripped a lot of newbie traders who jumped in on what they thought would be the

    · March 2, 2018 · 2:30 am
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    $1 Million Worth of Ethereum Phished from Bee Token Investors

    As the cryptocurrency market experiences growing pains, cybercriminals continue to dupe inexperienced investors. A recent example is a phishing scam targeting the Bee Token ICO, resulting in a lot of stolen Ethereum. Phishing for Honey Over $1 million worth of Ethereum tokens has been stolen by cybercriminals posing as Bee Token, a cryptocurrency startup with hopes of revolutionizing the home sharing industry by way of the blockchain. Bee Token officially confirmed the phishing attacks via

    · February 2, 2018 · 4:45 am
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    Tron Struggles to Break Free From FUD

    These are still very early days for crypto markets, and rising stars can fall just as quickly. Just ten days ago, one altcoin was looking to be the Next Big Thing, surging into the top ten and reaching the number six spot in the market capacity charts in a couple of days. Things can change quickly in crypto land, and a wave of social media FUD and PR blunders has brought Tron back down to

    · January 15, 2018 · 9:30 am
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    [Op-Ed] Truly I Say to You That Tron (TRX) Is a Terrible Investment

    It’s not clear what Tron is or whether or not it takes its name directly from the science fiction movie. And that confusion extends to the company’s business model. We jump into the grid to explore why Tron’s coin-operated business is more arcade than reality. The first thing I learned about Tron the crypto company is that it has nothing to do with Tron the movie – or the game – or anything related to Tron.

    · January 6, 2018 · 3:30 pm