An Uber Crypto Future Could Be Closer Than You Think

An Uber Crypto Future Could Be Closer Than You Think

According to Binance’s CEO, cryptocurrency technology will become a part of everyday life over the next decade, including when using Uber. CRYPTO WILL BE EVERYWHERE The past...

Martin Young | 9 months ago
Coinbase Aims to Obtain Banking Licenses

Coinbase Announces E-Gift Cards: Pay for Uber With Bitcoin

Coinbase continues to expand its portfolio of cryptocurrency items, adding new means that users can take advantage of to spend their cryptocurrency on day to day items and services...

Georgi Georgiev | 2 years ago

You Can Now Use The Lightning Network To Buy (Virtually) Anything

Cryptocurrency cellphone top-up company Bitrefill has announced it will start selling gift vouchers for Amazon and other brands — effectively opening up Bitcoin Lightning Network...

Wilma Woo | 2 years ago
Vanywhere Gives Blockchain a Go in Sharing Economy

Vanywhere Gives Blockchain a Go in Today’s Sharing Economy

The economic background, the modern society’s state of mind, and the technological progress altogether gave rise to a new concept — sharing economy. It is an economic model...

Bitcoinist | 2 years ago
Chasyr: The Uber Disrupter
Press releases

Chasyr: The Uber Disrupter

Chasyr has recently announced that they will be attending this year’s TechCrunch Disrupt held in San Francisco to introduce ridesharing using cryptocurrency and the technology...

Bitcoinist | 3 years ago
marketcap Cryptocurrency

Global Cryptocurrency Market is Now Bigger Than Uber, Airbnb, Xiaomi

The global cryptocurrency market cap has now blown through that of famous startups like Uber , Didi Chuxing, Airbnb, Xiaomi, and many others. Global Cryptocurrency Market cap As...

Antonio Madeira | 3 years ago

Interview with LibreTaxi: The ‘Free Alternative’ to Lyft & Uber

Bitcoinist spoke to Roman Pushkin, founder of LibreTaxi, an open-source ridesharing mobile app that will soon support Bitcoin payments, to find out more about his vision for...

Antonio Madeira | 4 years ago

Price Report: Bitcoin is Dominating Argentina

Another small rise is in the books. Following a drop to $639, the price of bitcoin has jumped up to about $645 at press time. Also read: Pounds vs Yen: The Battle Over Bitcoin Rages On...

Nick Marinoff | 4 years ago
Breaking News

Blockchain-based Remittance App AirPocket Comes To Latin America

Blockchain technology has a lot of potential to disrupt the financial sector, and DigitalX is one of the companies wielding the blockchain for remittance purpose. Now that the company...

Jp Buntinx | 4 years ago
Breaking News

Using Gamified Hacking Challenges To Attract New Blockchain Developers

The blockchain ecosystem is always in need of more developers who want to push a fresh spin on the concept of distributed ledgers. Despite several conferences and development workshops...

Jp Buntinx | 4 years ago
Breaking News

PayPal Centralizes Payment Processing For Uber And AirBnb

Understanding the way payments work is quite revealing in some cases. as it explains how a handful of companies make money off millions of transactions around the world. For example...

Jp Buntinx | 5 years ago
Breaking News

Adyen Can Bring Bitcoin To Major Businesses Like Netflix And Uber

In the world of finance, there is no shortage of companies willing to process payments on behalf of businesses. Adyen is one of the most-valued European payment processing companies in...

Jp Buntinx | 5 years ago

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