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Bitcoin Businesses

The Draglet exchange Reviewed


Nuno Menezes · @ | Aug 04, 2014 | 21:30

Bitcoin Businesses

The Draglet exchange Reviewed


Nuno Menezes · @ | Aug 04, 2014 | 21:30


So far we have seen rapid movement in the crypto currency technological environment; there are some exchanges that stand out not just for their outstanding performance, but for their strong commitment to implement quality solutions and remarkable technological improvements. In the verge of this technological path we find the Draglet exchange.

Draglet launched their Bitcoin Bootcamp on the 3rd of December last year, and in three months time they’ve raised about 900 users.


The concept

Draglet offers a variety of products all of them specifically designed for bitcoin business and entrepreneurs. Draglet products are designed to complement both financial, management and administrative terms of the business operation. It’s a very flexible approach that envisions providing a high functionality, robust, flexible and optimistic cryptocurrency trading engine for innovative businesses looking for special requirements that need to be specifically customized.

Draglet presents us with 5 high quality products specifically designed to bring solutions for trading, storing, managing and administrating, complemented with the fact that it could be customized to fill the need of businesses dealing with the digital currency. Draglet also takes security to be the most important part of their businesses as there products provide extreme bullet proof security technology.



Cxclient provides an extremely useful frontend GUI where the customer can securely watch and manage all wallet activity. With CxClient is possible to customize instant notification regarding any type of movements. It also supports 2FA Authentication while accessing account information, detailed debit/credit entries, fee information and account history. It makes it an ideal tool for traders to keep track of wallet activity.



CxServer provides high availability, scalability and simultaneously allows adding and removing servers without downtime. DNS failover switches off dysfunctional nodes and instantly reroutes traffic to other cluster nodes. This product is a perfect tool for decentralized businesses that want to achieve entire server functionality as it can be used to connect automatic trading peers as well as crypto wallet and trading clients using the latest security mechanisms that are broadly tested and proven to be highly reliable.


CxEngine is a high performance, robust, flexible and optimistic cryptocurrency trading engine. CxEngine tries to match the lowest buy order with the highest sell order while keeping track of volatility at a minimum low possible. It also manages adjustable parameters such as trading fees.

This trading engine is extremely robust has it can handle high trading volumes up to 1.000.000 orders per hour. It can bring the best trading performances and provides optimized solutions for different business approaches.


CxWallet is an excellent product that provides the best secure solutions and special features enabling direct trading. It provides guaranteed security against external attacks and automatic multisig cold storage features with remote access. CxWallet provides 2FA Authentication and allows password and asset recovery at any time. CxWallet can be one of the best solutions to safely store Bitcoin through an online environment.


CxAdmin provides an optimal solution to administer fiat funds of user accounts. It is an interface that manages all customer front end support, and configuration of adjustable exchange parameters like minimum nominal trading fees. This product complements and provides a wider management of all other products. It certainly an indispensable tool for businesses to directly communicate with their customers.


The Wallet Exchange

The Draglet cryptocurrency exchange showcase runs on virtual Bitcoins as opposed to the crypto wallet that runs on real Bitcoins. It’s the exchange trading software demo offers some “virtual” Fiat money and lets you play with virtual bitcoins while enjoying the game that trading really is. Beginners can learn and test their trading skills before venturing into the real market.

Final analysis

Draglet has gone out with a new vision and probably has founded a new industry in the ecosystem; one that can provide real live solutions to entrepreneurs and innovative businesses working in the area while assuming leadership in this new market industry.

Draglet products can provide a safe environment for trading, powerful customized tools and the best versatile solutions to keep track, manage and administrate different crypto currency business.


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