Reading: vDice Sponsors Ethereum Devcon2

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vDice Sponsors Ethereum Devcon2


Bitcoinist | Sep 10, 2016 | 10:43

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vDice Sponsors Ethereum Devcon2


Bitcoinist | Sep 10, 2016 | 10:43

The Ethereum Foundation will be holding the second Ethereum developer conference this month (Devcon2). vDice has announced that it will sponsor the event.

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Lead designer James Groton notes:

“Devcon2 enables developers to meet in-person and discuss cutting‐edge technologies that increase value for Ehtereum and the greater blockchain industry.” Further, “these meetings create the technology that Ethereum needs to compete in the emerging blockchain economy.”

vdiceThe event will be held in Shanghai and will showcase the value of Ethereum and technological advancements. The event follows the hugely successful conference held last year in London.

vDice is one of the most promising Ethereum Dapps to emerge. Having been launched on June 13th of this year, it has already processed over 5,000 bets. It is one of the fastest and most user friendly Dapp experiences.

James Groton of vDice goes on to note that:

“We’ve already received tremendous interest from China. So it makes sense for us to sponsor Devcon2. The China Ethereum community loves vDice and vDice loves Ethereum China.”

The company works to make on blockchain transaction processing as fast and efficient as possible. This benefits all developers and projects in the Ethereum ecosystem.

The Devcon2 event highlights the ongoing growth and success of Ethereum in the emerging markets of the East. Devcon forms the foundation of the Ethereum ecosystem and has a direct and immediate impact on the growth and sustainability of the technology.

About vDice

vDice is the premier gambling game for Ethereum. We provide is a blockchain betting game that uses an oracle to provide a completely decentralised gambling experience. Leveraging the power of Ethereum smart contracts, our project is the world’s first fully decentralised gambling game.

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