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4 Things You Need to Know About FOUR Tokens


Bitcoinist | Mar 28, 2018 | 20:00

4 Things You Need to Know About FOUR Tokens Sponsored Article

4 Things You Need to Know About FOUR Tokens


Bitcoinist | Mar 28, 2018 | 20:00


The 4th Pillar’s FOUR token aims to be the first token to permanently serve users as a 100 percent utility token while remaining transparent on the blockchain. It provides access to professional identity verification-related services, in addition to serving as both the primary store of value and gas in a decentralized, token-based ecosystem. Here’s everything you need to know about the powerful token.

FOUR Tokens are the Primary Component of The 4th Pillar Economy

The Four Pillars of the FOUR Token

Essentially, FOUR token represents a unit on the network. Thus, the larger the network grows, the more utility the token has, as it’s designed and embedded in the blockchain infrastructure.

The 4th Pillar’s platform utilizes the Ethereum blockchain and token teleportation service (TTS) in combination with the company’s own scalable cloud servers. Within this ecosystem, the FOUR token acts as both the economy’s main store of value and gas — the fuel used to conduct a transaction. This provides Ethereum accounts the ability to transfer ERC20 tokens without having to pay Ethereum network transaction fees in ETH.

FOUR Tokens Provides Incentives and Rewards

The 4th Pillar’s platform will afford individuals the ability to earn FOUR tokens for positive incentives, as well as reward early adopter organizations. In fact, one million euros worth of FOUR tokens has already been assigned as rewards for early adopters.

FOUR tokens are also not subject to any inflationary effect since the number of tokens is permanently fixed. This means that, as the network expands, so too does the demand for FOUR tokens grow.

Organizations Can Easily Purchase FOUR Tokens with Euros

Sometimes, buying cryptocurrencies and tokens can be a hassle — thanks to a not-so-user-friendly process of transferring fiat currencies into cryptocurrencies, often across various exchanges.

With The 4th Pillar, organizations will be able to purchase FOUR tokens directly with euros, based on the daily market price. Special packages are already being prepared for recruiters and organizations.

Early Contributors Receive a 50 Percent Bonus

152,000,000 (38%) FOUR tokens are intended for public sale, while another 152,000,000 (38%) FOUR tokens will form the 4th Pillar vault. The 4th Pillar vault will be an essential part of the 4th Pillar ecosystem and is important for system operation and a source for business-to-business (B2B) FOUR token sales. This also allows for quick and easy platform adoption, as the 4th Pillar vault will sell FOUR tokens to organizations in EUROs at market price.

Furthermore, 50,000,000 (12.5%) FOUR tokens are held by the founders and the team, but VESTED for a period of 12 months and gradually released monthly according to the 12-month cliff plan. Meanwhile, 29,000,000 (7.25%) FOUR tokens are intended for the advisors, while 10,000,000 (2.5%) FOUR tokens go to the contributors.

Additionally, 7,000,000 (1.75%) FOUR tokens are reserved for bounties and will be distributed for the purposes of community building and sales incentives for pre-sale contributors.

The FOUR token Early Contribution phase is currently open, with a pre-sale phase to follow. Currently, one FOUR token is worth €0.10, but early contributors can currently take advantage of an early contribution bonus of 50 percent.

To learn more about the FOUR token and the platform, read the project’s whitepaper and lightpaper, follow its industry-leading team, and become an early contributor, check out The 4th Pillar’s official website.

What do you think of the FOUR token? Let us know in the comments below!

Images courtesy of 4th Pillar

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