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Bitcoin Foundation elections


Bitcoinist | May 02, 2014 | 11:08


Bitcoin Foundation elections


Bitcoinist | May 02, 2014 | 11:08


Here is an update on what is going on with the Bitcoin Foundation elections

The Bitcoin Foundation  polls are closed now!

The has updated as follows:
Voting for the Bitcoin Foundation’s two open industry board seats ended last night at 11:59pm EDT. Results will be published here today at around 6:30pm EDT: https://vote.heliosv…_industry2014-3.

“We had a great turnout for this round of voting and want to thank our industry members for getting so involved! Nearly 75% of our industry members voted with 102 out of the possible 137 ballots submitted.”

A candidate will need at least 52 votes to win a seat. If no candidate receives 52 votes or only one candidate receives 52 votes, there will be a second round of voting. If three or more candidates receive greater than 52 votes, then the two candidates with the highest number of votes will win seats.

If results require a second round of voting, details on when that round of voting begins will be sent out early next week.

No outright winner.

Details on second round will be sent out early next week

The ballot & results:

Select the candidates you would approve of being elected to the board of directors. You may select as many candidates as you’d like. Remember, there are TWO seats to be filled by this election. 

Bobby Lee, 44
Brock Pierce, 34
Vinny Lingham, 21
Luke Dashjr, 13
Frank Schuil, 12
Jon Holmquist, 12
Jason Tyra, 9
None of the above, 7
Andres Bzurovski, 7
John McDonnell, 6
Clint Ditto, 3
Vytautas Karalevičius, 3
Leon Li, 3
Mohammad Mufti, 2
Henryk Dabrowski, 2
Jay Yeom, 1


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