Reading: DNotes Launches Cryptocurrency Educational Guide

Altcoin News

DNotes Launches Cryptocurrency Educational Guide

Bitcoin PR Buzz | Aug 09, 2015 | 15:00

Altcoin News

DNotes Launches Cryptocurrency Educational Guide

Bitcoin PR Buzz | Aug 09, 2015 | 15:00

With projects further down the line with similar goals of attracting all kinds of people to DNotes, DNotes is a strong contender when looking for long-term altcoin options.

“DNotes is a shared stake concept, placing a large percentage of the coins in the hands of many, increasing personal stake and personal interest in the coin in promoting the long-term value of the currency. A rapid acceptance by a very large number of individuals and groups generating the most liquidity and high transactional value is our goal.”

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DNotesDNotes latest project takes a different spin than CRISP’s in that instead of focusing on a new outlet in which cryptocurrency and be used; it raises awareness of cryptocurrency for people who are unaware.

DNotes new project comes in the form of an educational guide. Aimed for people who have little to no technical background, DNotes goal is to level the playing field and remove the perception that digital currencies are only for the technically inclined.

“There have been very few times in history when everyday people have had the chance to take part in the early stages of such revolutionary developments. It is important to learn about this early so you can make informed decisions about investing in this space as well as giving you an edge in your career as more and more recruiters are seeking digital currency expertise.”

The guide has all sorts of tools such as a user-friendly interface, thorough how-to guides, helpful definitions, links to relevant information, a quiz to test yourself on your knowledge, and the guide is continually updated to remain current.

“The need to educate will never disappear, but if ignored, the knowledge gap between innovators and everyday people may grow so large, that it will never be bridged.”

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