Reading: Eris Industries, Ledger Partner for Advanced Security Solutions

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Eris Industries, Ledger Partner for Advanced Security Solutions

Daniel Dob | Mar 23, 2016 | 10:32

Eris industries Bitcoin Security

Eris Industries, Ledger Partner for Advanced Security Solutions

Daniel Dob | Mar 23, 2016 | 10:32

According to recent reports, Eris Industries, the provider of one of the world’s most popular enterprise blockchain platforms, has selected Ledger as their security partner. This partnership is meant to not only improve the security of critical workflows of the platform but also to protect its blockchain-based infrastructure from all sorts of attacks.

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The Eris Industries and Ledger Partnership

Eris IndustriesFor those who are not yet aware, both companies are important players on the blockchain market. Ledger, best known for their smartcard-based hardware wallet, is also one of the technological leaders in the blockchain security industry. The company managed to establish its ground back in 2015, and now offers many other services, after it has extended to the B2B market with their hardware security module and trusted execution environment options.

On the other side of the spectrum, Eris Industries is the maintainer of the popular open-source Eris Platform. It represents the world’s leading enterprise blockchain application development platform. Currently, it’s being used by some of the world’s top companies, including 40 of the largest banks worldwide and PwC. Additionally, the platform is the only one currently available on the Amazon Web Services Marketplace, and on Microsoft Azure.

To learn more about this partnership and what it will bring forward, Eric Larchevêque, the CEO of Ledger shined some light onto the partnership.

When asked how Ledger plans to increase the security of the services offered by Eris Industries, Eric stated that: “Eris Industries is a blockchain solution provider, deploying full systems for their customers. Whether public or permissioned, blockchain technology always relies on the cryptographic signature of transactions, and the compromising of private keys could result in massive damage. Trusted hardware is therefore an essential part of the architecture, and Ledger has developed a full range of enterprise solutions based on Hardware Security Modules (HSM).

“By integrating Ledger’s technology directly on their server nodes, Eris can provide a secure turnkey solution to their customers.”

We also asked Eric whether Ledger is planning to release any new technologies that could benefit this partnership. He mentioned that “We have recently introduced the BOLOS (Blockchain Open Ledger Operating System) technology, which is the cornerstone of our security solutions. Thanks to BOLOS, it’s necessary to write only once the implementation, and it can run on TEE, HSM or our new generation devices. Thus, Eris has been able to start test drive immediately our trusted hardware security features using a simple smartphone based TEE, before deploying them on HSMs.”

Eris also believes that the partnership is situated on an ever evolving environment. With this in mind, they’re currency focused on implementing more advanced server side solutions, needed to ensure the correct execution alongside with the isolation of critical cryptographic processes. Additionally, their hardware wallets can also be leveraged by clients to allow true P2P digital assets exchange, thus opening the door to a whole new world of opportunities. Thanks to their secure solutions, not only can Eris Industries further expand their services, but customers can rest-assured, as the platform is kept safe.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, this partnership is truly noteworthy, as it bridges the gap between great services and security, while also helping both companies advance in what they do best.

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