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Expanse dApps Project Soars to New Heights


Bitcoin PR Buzz | Feb 22, 2016 | 13:00

Expanse Bitcoin

Expanse dApps Project Soars to New Heights


Bitcoin PR Buzz | Feb 22, 2016 | 13:00


The Expanse Project is a decentralized applications blockchain project that “enables a stable, borderless technology future featuring a flexible DAO, powerful dApp tools and community collaboration. Recently, Expanse released its 2016 roadmap, detailing its plans for new features and innovations. Additionally, Expanse trading volume soared to record highs on the Poloniex exchange, surpassing $2.7 million in trading.

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Expanse: Decentralize Everything

ExpanseExpanse prides itself on its decentralization, stressing that no single individual or group controls the platform. Instead, Expanse users themselves control the project through the use of smart contracts and blockchain technology. Any changes within the Expanse ecosystem are voted on by the users, “including new features, integration and core modifications of the Expanse platform.” Any and all changes are implemented “according to the collective opinion of the community.

Currently, the Project’s developers want to stress Expanse’s applications to “borderless governance services.” With smart contracts and blockchain recording, this platform can provide “rights management, notary, marriage registry and contract directories.”

The desire to decentralize government services has led the Project to grow into a large community. Lead Developer Christopher Franko said, “Expanse grew from a small team with a powerful idea into a complex, self-contained community. You can think of it as a decentralized, global political system without borders.”

The development team stresses the fact that any kind of organization can use the Project’s tools to integrate the power of the blockchain into their businesses or causes. According to the team, “businesses, charities, organizations, and even governments can use Expanse’s array of organizational tools to leverage and utilize the massive power of smart contracts on the blockchain.”

Project Manager and Co-Developer Dan Conway added to this statement, saying that, “we are developing several dApps and toolkits to make use of these features as easy and intuitive as possible. Whether a legacy organization. . .or an entirely new decentralized autonomous company living on the blockchain, Expanse facilitates bringing your organization into the distributed era.”

This Project relies heavily on community involvement, rather than the work of the small team of main developers. Franko urged people to learn about the Project and contribute to its progress, saying, “we very much believe in the borderless technology, community cooperation and open source projects provided by the Expanse platform. If you are curious about Expanse, please join our team and get involved.

Among other features, the Project’s main developers will release a “newly enhanced” GUI wallet in the second quarter of 2016.

About Expanse:

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