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Hope Gold Coin, supported by the Mastercoin Foundation will be hosting The Festival of Hope and the Master Protocol

Altcoin News

Hope Gold Coin, supported by the Mastercoin Foundation will be hosting The Festival of Hope and the Master Protocol


The Mastercoin Foundation has announced early this week that it will be supporting a great music and charity event: HOPE GOLD COIN and The Festival of Hope and the Master Protocol.

Judith Jakubovics, a Business Developer at the Mastercoin Foundation as explained that the Festival of Hope will be the largest live music and charity event in history.HOPE_article_cover_Bitcoinist The Mastecoin Foundation will be supporting HOPE Gold Coin and will be introducing 100 charities globally, that will benefit directly tens of millions of people around the world. The event is schedule to start on the 5th of September next year (2015) and is expected to raise at least 1 Billion US$ that will be used for covering the event costs and to charity.

HOPE Gold Coin

Aside from the event the Mastercoin Foundation will be also supporting HOPE Gold Coin; the HOPE Gold Coin is a powerful entrant and participant in a disruptive technology that has the potential to transform the global financial services industry. It is unique in its purpose to benefit society and in its ability to raise the standard of living and quality of life for all by actively supporting the inspirational missions of a broad spectrum of charities, foundations and non-profit entities dedicated to addressing universal social, environmental, health, food, economic and similar problems that impact the lives of people worldwide.

HOPE Gold Coin is a peer-to-peer Internet currency that enables instant, near-zero-cost payments to anyone, anywhere in the world.
Through decentralized cryptography, the HOPE Gold Coin is trying to eliminate the need for banking intermediaries while significantly lowering transaction costs, potentially liberating poverty stricken economies around the globe by providing access to capital to the one-third of humanity that now has no access to financial services. The Hope Gold Coin is working to be the means of purchase to support charitable activities around the world. The HOPE Gold Coin is a totally unique and innovative new crypto-currency with major advantages. It is backed by proven and probable gold reserves, and measured, indicated and inferred gold mineral resources, all validated, confirmed and certified crypto-currency to comply with KYC2 and AML3 policies. It is designed and structured to be a mainstream currency, financial instrument and commodity, and universal unit of exchange and means of purchase to support charitable activities around the world.

HOPE Gold Coin is safe and uses a secure open source, global payment networking that is fully decentralized without any central authorities. The HOPE Gold Coin features faster transaction confirmation times and greater storage efficiency than leading math-based bitcoin currencies, and will be freely exchangeable into other crypto-currencies or its cash equivalent.

Through innovative minting and release algorithms, the HOPE Gold Coin network consumes far less energy, maintains stronger security and safety, provides higher levels of assurance, and rewards users in more sustainable ways than other crypto-currencies.

What does HOPE gold coin has to offer?

With the surging interest from prominent investors and growing acceptance from governments, regulators, merchants, customers and the general public, there is a burgeoning market and increasing customer demand for virtual currencies.
This is especially true for a superior, stable, safe and secure crypto-currency that enjoys major points of differentiation and distinct competitive advantages and benefits, that is also freely transferable as a unit of exchange and means to purchase.
As people grow more open to new ways of paying, there is a rise in the ubiquity and legitimacy of virtual currencies. The most prominent of these currently is Bitcoin, a peer-to-peer digital currency that has been called ‘potentially world changing’ by eminent cryptographers. However, Bitcoin’s reputation for price volatility, security questions, and concern for facilitating illicit activities are all issues the Bitcoin community must resolve before cryptographic currencies like Bitcoin can go main stream as universally accepted digital currency. That process is well underway. Virtual currencies like Bitcoin are gaining a real-world presence and prominence as they become more accepted as a unit of exchange and means to purchase. But there is still room for significant improvement, which represents a real opportunity for the HOPE Gold Coin.

HOPE Gold coin will be the answer to volatility issues, introducing a fair, stable, safe and secure crypto-currency with an intrinsic value backed by gold reserves and resources.

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