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Kevin Taylor Takes Questions During London FinTech Week

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Kevin Taylor Takes Questions During London FinTech Week


As London FinTech Week approaches — being held during September 2015 — Kevin Taylor, author of Fin Tech Law: A Guide to Technology in the Financial Services Industry that covers topics from Bitcoin to cybersecurity, will be available for interview, meeting or excerpt requests.

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The city of London is going to host FinTech Week this September to represent the thriving Fintech community. The organizers aim to unite the world of FinTech in the world’s financial capital and enhance the dialog between established multi-nationals and disruptive start-ups. They are also inviting the leaders of the Fintech revolution and legal experts; Kevin Taylor is part of the same mission.

In a very short interview with Bitcoinist, Kevin Taylor said that he was quite happy about the event:


Bitcoinist: Tell us more about why you attend events like Fintech week?

Kevin Taylor:  To meet and interact with people and companies in the Fin Tech sector.

Bitcoinist: Have you spoken or served on panels at such events earlier?

Kevin Taylor:  I have spoken and given webinars, such as here.

Bitcoinist: How/what was the response from the participants?

Kevin Taylor: Extremely positive

Bitcoinist: You have wide experience in the financial services industry e.g. banking, securities, insurance, and credit card companies, what is your view on cryptocurrencies’ security for people?

Kevin Taylor: The technology is sound.  It lacks adequate support from regulatory authorities

Bitcoinist: What are your views on government regulation of cryptocurrencies?

Kevin Taylor: I think when you handle other people’s money in any capacity, you will be regulated.

Bitcoinist: How much your book ‘Fin Tech Law: A Guide to Technology in the Financial Services Industry’ addresses the issues being faced by cryptocurrencies?

Kevin Taylor: There is a chapter on it.  A newer updated edition is currently in the works.


Fin Tech Law: A Guide to Technology in the Financial Services Industry

The book covers a range of topics from Bitcoin to cybersecurity, which are fast becoming important for people engaged in financial technology. The famed author and seasoned lawyer says that if it walks and talks like money, it’s money, despite what the Bank of England says; thus, he fully supports Bitcoin as money. Taylor, a seasoned attorney with over 20 years’ corporate counsel and trial experience concerning technology and financial services matters, is also a legal representative for GE Capital, Societe General, Citibank, and many more enterprises.

Thus, Taylor knows about legal issues surrounding financial technology concerns, cloud data/storage, data security, and mobile technology patent licenses, among other things. Furthermore, Taylor has litigated in the United States federal and state and appeals courts. Apart from representing Fintech companies, he also provides legal advice to pioneering technology entrepreneurs, e.g. early mobile apps developers as well as additional firms.

Taylor is also a frequent financial technology panelist at COMPUTERWORLD-Open Source Business Conference, speaker and media contributor in outlets including Bloomberg Television, the Wall Street Journal, CIO Website, and Dow Jones Newswire.

According to Michael Darden, the publicist for Kevin Taylor, the renowned author and legal expert will be available for the interview, meeting or excerpt requests during the event, for which interested parties may contact him.

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Images: Fintechweek, Bloomberg BNA

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