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Providence: Exclusive Interview


Providence: Exclusive Interview


Touting several services (which are listed below), and an angle that only helps Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general, Providence may be a one stop shop that you were looking for. The pictures below are some of the projects Providence is working on, and will only benefit Providence and the end user.

1.       What is Providence Solutions?

Providence is a next generation financial services provider.

2.       What services do you offer?

Providence offers multiple products. Currently we have a currency exchange, stock exchange, p2p credit, and p2p insurance platform built. Were planning on developing a reputation engine over the coming months. The expected launch dates for our platforms can be seen on our site:


3.       Instead of improving on other services, you decided to start your own. Why?

A favorite saying of mine, is “build the better mouse trap”. We got rid of the mouse trap, and created a permanent solution. Utilizing Ripple Trade, our products allow users to use our services with any currency. We even have the ability to accept fiat currencies built in.

For example, “John” could purchase shares in company “x” with Litecoin, and company “x” would receive compensation in their preferred currency, say Bitcoin. In addition, we are the most complete provider on the market. We also merged social media with finance. You can now follow your favorite investors, and follow their trades on the market. You can invite your facebook friends, or linkedin connections, chat with other traders and much more. Our products are the most complete financial tools the world has ever seen.

4.       How did Providence come about?

Providence came through the collaborative efforts of myself and Jared Mimms. Jared started developing Providence’s platforms well over a year ago, under the name PeerCover. Jared and I met over 4 months ago, and realized that we work well together. Thats how Providence came to be.


5.       How do you feel Providence will impact the cryptocurrency world?

Providence offers financial products that were otherwise not available to the crypto-currency industry. Since we are able to cross trade any currency through Ripple Trade, all crypto-currencies will benefit from us, not just Bitcoin.

It also greatly increases the liquidity of our markets. Our insurance platform offers a service unheard of, even in the fiat world. Providence’s suite of platforms enable every man, woman, and child to earn a passive income. Providence will not only impact the crypto-currency industry, but will change the world of financial services.

6.       How did you get into Bitcoin?

I first discovered Bitcoin in 2012, immediately after hearing about it I read everything I could find on it, and purchased a few. Its been amazing watching the industry get to where it is today.

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 12.05.37 AM

7.       How is Providence in its current stages?

Currently were preparing our products for v1.0 launches, we completed Beta market tests last year. Were also in the process of raising funds from angel investors in order to hire more developers and purchase dedicated hosting hardware.

8.       What can we expect in the future?

Were going to be working on creating a decentral reputation engine for Android and iOS. Were also working on building decentralized Internet “random access operation” computing, more information is available on this at Finally, were working on developing a contract client.
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