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SecuraCoin: Bitcoin Services


SecuraCoin: Bitcoin Services


At SecuraCoin, Bitcoin services is the name. They not only work online, but have several physical stores to help attract more attention. SecuraCoin simply allows users to use Bitcoin from buying,selling, to even sending Bitcoin.

SecuraCoin_bitcoinist1. At Securacoin, what are you trying to achieve?

We are growing a new  agent network that provides digital currency services to clients in a retail format in their local areas.  We are providing our services through existing money service business outlets and brands.  They work under our compliance programs and adhere to certain standards of professionalism and security in a format that already caters to alternative financial needs.

2. Can you tell me a little bit of why Securacoin was developed?

SecuraCoin was developed to address the existing and growing need for mainstream users to buy into and out of digital currencies quickly and on demand without any pre-registration at their local money service business.  Unlike the growing network of Bitcoin ATMs which operate in regulatory and compliance greyzones, SecuraCoin brings traditional methods of in-person AML/KYC verifications and transactions to the digital currency space.  This brings much more credibility, accessibility and exposure to Digital Currencies in major urban areas.

some locations3. What services do you offer?

We offer agents the ability to transact with end-user clients to buy, sell and use bitcoin at our agent stores, as well as BitZipp (send bitcoin to any SMS or E-Mail worldwide) and other upcoming services.  We are also in the final stages of releasing an online buy & sell system with multiple fiat deposit and withdrawal options.

4.  If any rates/fees apply, what are they?

Our rates for clients to buy and BitZipp services are 3.99% on the ask price on our site.  To use bitcoin to pay for services at our agent stores is absolutely free, but due to cash holding requirements, clients that want to sell bitcoin to us will pay 5.99% for now.  Although we are very competitive against bitcoin ATMs (cheaper than most actually), we are still aggressively trying to bring our rates down even more in the future.

5.   What regulations/compliances do you abide by?

We adhere to all FinTRAC (in Canada) and FinCEN (is USA) requirements and have developed our own internal AML/KYC program to address the unique issue of in-person digital currency transactions.

6.What can we expect from Securacoin in the future?

We have signed on dozens of esxisting Money Service Business brands and agents in cities across Canada and will be launching them over the next few months.  We will also be launching our first set of new agents in the USA as well in the near future.  Our soon to launch online buy & sell portal will offer our services to clients in a wider set of areas above and beyond that of our local agents.  We are also releasing iPhone and Android applications that will work together with our retail and online systems to provide all around interactions for our clients.  Expect to see us grow steadily over the next year to offer bitcoin services to population centers across many areas helping it get one step closer to mass mainstream adoption.

SecuraCoin Intro Video from SecuraCoin on Vimeo.

Photo Source: SecuraCoin


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