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Bitcoin Businesses

Short Q&A with Jaron Lukasiewicz, Coinsetter’s CEO

Bitcoin Businesses

Short Q&A with Jaron Lukasiewicz, Coinsetter’s CEO


Coinsetter is a Wall Street built bitcoin exchange for firms and individuals. The company’s trading platform puts the power of institutional bitcoin trading at the customers fingertips.
Coinsetter offers an industry leading feature set to all types of users by aggregating the feeds of multiple exchanges to offer the best bitcoin prices available anywhere along with a deep liquidity near the market price nearly unmatched.Coinsetter_Q&A_Bitcoinist_photo1 Both businesses and individuals can benefit from using Coinsetter bitcoin exchange.

The company’s full exchange feature set is widely available to most customers with business accounts. The firm institutional exchange platform is ideal for Bitcoin ATMs, payment processors, institutional trading firms and other companies requiring bitcoin liquidity. The New York based Company full exchange feature set is widely available to most customers located inside the United States. U.S. customers have the ability to make bank and bitcoin transfers to and from Coinsetter instantly.
Coinsetter features are also available to most customers located outside of the United States and international customers can also make bank and bitcoin transfers to and from Coinsetter, however it can take longer for international bank transactions. Coinsetter also offers charting tools uncommon to most exchanges, which help make market analysis easy.
Bitcoinist emailed Coinsetter’s CEO Jaron Lukasiewicz and he promptly replied. Bitcoin arranged some short Q&A that Jaron was more than happy to answer:

Please tell us about Coinsetter history and how the idea was born.

We started Coinsetter in late 2012. At that time, the bitcoin space was very different, and I wanted to great a dependable US-based trading option. We have matured with the market, and we now offer an institutional class bitcoin exchange for active traders, professionals, bitcoin companies and institutions.

Tell us a bit more about the Coinsetter team?

We are currently composed of 13 people, most of whom come from Wall Street technology and financial services backgrounds. Our team’s experience has allowed us to create a truly well-built exchange, which offers low latency, an institutional FIX API, and a variety of other trading features.

Can you explain how the exchange works and its main features?Coinsetter_Q&A_Bitcoinist_photo0

We offer competitive pricing on trades, a deep order book through our external exchange aggregation, and great customer support with our NYC team via phone and email. For users that are trading via our API, we also offer high uptime, low latency and a full feature set that makes it easy to accomplish your trading objectives.

Can you talk about your funding methods and fee structure?

We offer both bank transfers and bitcoin transfers. Our fees are very competitive versus other options in the industry, with trading commissions ranging from 0.25% down to 0.10%.

Do you have any agreements with other companies in the ecosystem?

Yes, we are partnered with Bitstamp to provide liquidity to our customers. We also hold approximately 50% of our customer funds in Xapo Vault, which provides insured cold storage to our customers. We work with a number of companies in the space – it would take a long time to list them all.

Can you give us your view on the global situation for bitcoin and other digital currencies?Coinsetter_Q&A_Bitcoinist_photo_logo

Bitcoin is a very well-built protocol for global payments. As regulation becomes available to bitcoin companies in 2015, I believe we will see huge growth in the sector, as well as large entrants into the space.

What are your future expectations and main objectives for the exchange?

Our goal is to offer a highly dependable bitcoin exchange that serves demanding companies and people in this growing space. I believe we currently offer the best technology and customer support in the market, and we will continue to expand our feature set going forward.

Jaron assured that Coinsetter platform utilizes Securicoin technology to provide highly advanced bitcoin security to costumers. Coinsetter_Q&A_Bitcoinist_photologoThrough deep cold storage, human withdrawal reviews, and advanced multi-factor authentication, customers can have comfort that their bitcoins on Coinsetter are safely stored.

If you are in for the trade and to get some profits, Coinsetter can tune you in and provide you some enhanced tools and wall street special features that can make the real difference between winning and loosing.

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