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Spells of Genisis, The first game with Blockchain technology


Spells of Genisis, The first game with Blockchain technology


The gaming industry is currently one of the industries that has big communities around it and annually moves millions of dollars in profits. Now a perfect synergy between crypto currency and the gaming industry is bound to begin!
Spells of Genesis is the first commercial game that aims to integrate cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The team behind the game is trying to design a new game in strong cooperation with the community and the players. And instead of being the only party profiting from the success of the game, the game developers want the community and players who contributed to profit from it as well. The developers intend to implement a distributed profit program where money flows not only from player to company but also from player to player and from the company to the players.
EverdreamSoft developers have already introduced a free to play game on iOS in 2009, and were actually the first to develop such projects.
Since then, the genre has changed in a way that was not intended. The games are currently only produced by big companies focusing on making a lot of cash, backers or early adopters are not rewarded. Now the EverdreamSoft team is determined to change all this and wants to win back the power to the players.

The EverdreamSoft team, in now introducing Spells of GenesisOrbital, the first “onchain” game ever made. Spells of Genesis is said to be a unique combination of an arcade game with a trading card game which will be published on smart phones and tablets (IOS & Android). The developers tried to integrate Bitcoin, not only as a payment system to make in-app purchases, but also work as a core of the whole game economy, system and background story.

EverdreamSoft team has a long experience in managing game communities as it launched Moonga several years ago. It is a pretty well experienced team on content creation with the community and monetization. The team has created more than 600 illustrations and saw some player’s trade rare cards in the game for more than 1000 USD, even if it is not allowed by the term of service. In a short run, a whole economy has emerged from the game. That was when the team thought on how it could go beyond that and leverage digital goods ownership. This is was how the bitcoin integration naturally emerged. Spell_ofOrbital_3_article_Bitcoinist

The EverdreamSoft team is also very proud to be funding the game using a new phenomenon called “Crowdsale”. The difference between Crowdsale and Crowdfunding, is that if someone backs a Crowdsale project he will actually share financially in the success of the game instead of only getting goodies or a free copy of the game.
The team has designed the crowdsale to be a revenue share system with backers, putting 100.000 “Mines” for sale during the Crowdsale phase. Everyone who is interested in the game can buy some of these mines and this way takes part on financing the development of the game. When the game launches, these sold “mines” will start producing “Gems”. Gems will be the premium currency in the game, used for buying new packs of cards and enhancing the gaming experience. So everyone who owns a mine, will be generating gems. The more gems there are purchased by the players, the more gems the mines will produce.Spell_ofOrbital_1_article_Bitcoinist

The user taking part in the crowdsale will have the option to choose to either use his Gems in-game or sell them to other players using Bitcoin and in this way get the investment back from the crowdsale. The game will have an internal marketplace where players can trade their gems for bitcoin.

The Game

Spells of Genesis will combine the collection and social aspects of Trading Card games with the addictiveness of Arcade games. The gamer embarks on an epic fantasy adventure in the world of Moonga while constantly collecting and trading orbs (cards) to upgrade your deck. On this adventure, the player will face hundreds of opponents. To defeat them, he will need to battle them using a unique battle system. In each level, there are some enemies that need to be destroyed. The player does that by shooting orbs at them. Each orb has different powers, weaknesses and special abilities. Placing orbs strategically is crucial to achieve victory.Spell_ofOrbital_2_article_Bitcoinist
The player will travel through mountains, deserts, rivers and oceans and will have some encounters with the most amazing creatures. As the game is very easy to learn instead of traditional trading card games, we try to reach a wide audience of casual gamers. But, the deck making and skill which is required in the later levels and online will make the game very interesting for hardcore and competitive players.

“For over 700 years, the different kingdoms in the world of Moonga lived under the dominance of the terrible empire of Sayosia. Then, in a small town, a boy named Kallan was born. His father, a blacksmith, had no place for him so he decided to bring him elsewhere. After nobody wanted the clumsy child, he decided to bring him to a small forest where the Wizard of the Four Valleys was known to live. Raised by the wizard, Kallan learned understanding the nature and the world around him. When he left the wizard, he went to a city called Cartaam, where he made a discovery that would change the world of Moonga forever.
He found a way to confine the essence of creatures and humans into small parchment pieces. These small cards – commonly known as Spells – enclosed the essence of what had been imprinted in them. It was a difficult meticulous task and it took Kallan several years to master the right formula.
With these powerful spells, the people of Moonga were able to defy their rulers, and a new age began…”

The team is also working on another project called Ideopass. Ideopass is another game that has the ambition the make the bitcoin payment simple for mainstream users
Bitcoin will be used as an in-game means of exchange. Gems and mines are blockchain based assets that can be traded in-app or outside of the app. With this integration on the gaming industry, the team thinks it will attract a big number of gamers into bitcoin.

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