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The Top 5 Cryptocurrency Failures of All Time

In the world of cryptocurrency, countless new projects pop up every day. While a lot of them look strong, and even experience success, many others end up going nowhere. In fact, a lot...

Evan Faggart | 4 years ago
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Interview with Daniel Peled from Gems Social Messenger

We at Bitcoinist have built up a good relationship with the team behind the Gems social messenger app. We ran into them while we were attending various conferences. The Gems team...

Sergio Schout | 6 years ago
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GEMS To Use Telegram’s Secure Open Source Code

Over the past few weeks, there have been a lot of conversations in the world of cryptocurrency about the GEMS project. GEMS brings us the social messaging aspect we have all grown so...

Jp Buntinx | 6 years ago
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Social Messaging App Gems Raises Over $450k In Less Than One Week

December 8 — Social messaging app Gems is having a token pre-sale on Koinify, and in less than one week has raised $450k worth of bitcoin. A total of 50% of the total GEMZ supply is...

Alberto Mata | 6 years ago
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Gems Token Sale Live December 1 on Koinify

Social messaging is becoming a bigger part of the cryptocurrency space by the looks of things. Several new projects have launched or will be launching to try and cater to this crowd...

Bitcoinist | 6 years ago

Spells of Genisis, The first game with Blockchain technology

Spells of Orbital is the first commercial game that aims to integrate cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The team behind the game is trying to design a new game in strong...

Nuno Menezes | 6 years ago

Gems: Exclusive Interview

Originally covered here, Gems is like any other social messenger app, except with a twist. Integrated with Gems is a wallet, that users automatically get. Also Gems is encrypted...

Nigel Dollentas | 6 years ago
Altcoin News

GEMS – the First Social Currency Network

…because it’s your data and you should be paid for it. If decentralization is the rallying cry of the blockchain movement, it’s only natural we start with the...

Edward DeLeon Hickman | 6 years ago

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