Kleiner Perkins' Investor Shares Her Blockchain Predictions for 2020

Kleiner Perkins’ Investor Shares Her Blockchain Predictions for 2020

Monica Desai Weiss, an investor at the venture capital company, Kleiner Perkins, recently had an interview in which she shared her predictions regarding fintech and blockchain in 2020...

Ali | 11 months ago
Bitcoin time traveller not actually from future

Bitcoin Time-Traveller: Not Really From The Future, Shock!

The Bitcoin Time-Traveller has returned, so what further information about the future can he bring? Turns out, none… as he reveals himself to be just some guy with a beef about...

Emilio Janus | 1 year ago

Today Moon? Economist’s 1988 Prediction Day Arrives (While Bitcoin Sleeps)

October 10, 2018, has arrived — the date by which The Economist says we should be “ready for a new world currency.” Should Bitcoin suddenly fulfill that role today?  A...

Wilma Woo | 2 years ago
Bacteria Bio May Help Account for Bitcoin Movements

Bacteria Bio May Help Account for Bitcoin Movements

Some traders are afraid of Bitcoin price predictions and technical analyses — and for a good reason. Over time, Bitcoin has proven to be volatile if given the right conditions. One...

Paula Baciu | 2 years ago
what is ripple, what is xrp

Crypto Experts Weigh in, Predict Big Gains for Ripple in 2018

Bold predictions on cryptocurrency prices can always be taken with a huge pinch of salt. If it were that easy to predict the price of Bitcoin, or Ripple in this case, we would all be...

Martin Young | 3 years ago

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