bitcoin lost coins

Supply Shock: Lost Or Held Bitcoin Are Now Outpacing New Circulating Coins

Bitcoin is once again trading above $11,500 after a retest of $10,000 was quickly bought up. A variety of factors are beginning to have an influence over supply and demand, and appear...

Tony Spilotro | 1 month ago
ethereum money

Is Ethereum Really Money or Manipulated Like Fiat?

Ethereum advocates will support the meme that ‘ETH is money’ and will at some stage become a unit of account. Naturally those in the bitcoin camp have vehemently rejected this...

Martin Young | 9 months ago
bitcoin price

Bitcoin Energy Value Targets $100k BTC Within 5 Years

A little known metric called energy value has been used to predict bitcoin prices over the next five years and the results are impressive. A tenfold rise from current price levels...

Martin Young | 9 months ago
bitcoin btc price to moon
Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin Price is Up By 838 Million Percent In Last 10 Years; Where Next?

No other asset in history has made the same progress as bitcoin in terms of gains in value. Its digital scarcity mechanism has clearly worked and passed the market test as prices...

Martin Young | 1 year ago

‘HODLers Be HODLing’: 55% Of Bitcoin Sits in Multimillion Dollar Wallets

Over half the Bitcoin supply sits in wallets holding over 200 coins ($1.25 million), indicating faith among major bagholders remains, new research released September 17 suggests. Diar...

Wilma Woo | 2 years ago

Does Dash Have a Coin Cap, or Is It Infinitely Inflationary?

Whether a coin has a maximum supply (like Bitcoin’s 21 million) or is infinitely inflationary (like Ethereum) has significant effects on that coin’s usage. For example...

Amanda B. Johnson | 4 years ago

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