Bitcoin price

What Bitcoin Price Would Be If Every American Invested $1K

When Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang proposed a Universal Base Income (UBI) of $1k per month for all Americans, he was scoffed at by most of his rivals. Now, just a month...

Christina Comben | 4 months ago
bitcoin wealth gap

Is Bitcoin the Answer to Trump’s ‘Generosity’ Towards Banks?

Could Bitcoin mend a system where President Trump is being extra generous toward banks through tax cuts?  JP Morgan Profits Dwarf Ethereum US bankers have been laughing all the way to...

Martin Young | 6 months ago
bitcoin adoption financial crisis

How Bitcoin Solves Global Central Bank Monetary Madness

The pressure is mounting on the major economies of the world. This can be clearly evidenced by observing central bank monetary policy over recent years in various countries. Bitcoin...

Martin Young | 6 months ago
bitcoin rallying amid Iran missile attacks
Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin (BTC) Eyeing $8800 Next amid Rising Gold, Oil Prices

Twice within the past week bitcoin prices have reacted strongly to escalating geopolitical tensions reinforcing its status as a safe-haven asset. Bitcoin Surges 10% on Iranian Missile...

Martin Young | 6 months ago
bitcoin price holding support
Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin Price Holding Important Support After 14% Surge

Just when the bears were gearing up for another mauling, bitcoin price bounced off long term support in an epic 14% pump. The move has kept BTC on track to make greater gains next year...

Martin Young | 7 months ago
fed rate cut effect on crypto

What Another Fed Rate Cut Means For Crypto?

For the third time this year, the US Federal Reserve has cut interest rates amid a global economic slowdown. Crypto markets did not react to the news but the outlook for the global...

Martin Young | 9 months ago
bitcoin vs bank money

Is Bitcoin a Better Bet Against ‘Legal Crooks’?

Bitcoin has not had the best of weeks so far but its 8% slide is just a blip compared to what the US Federal Reserve has been doing recently. The central bank has ramped up its bailout...

Martin Young | 9 months ago
Bitcoin Parabolic Growth Vs Peter Schiff's Gold Recommendation in 2011

Is Peter Schiff Warming Up To Bitcoin With His Anti-Trump Tirade?

Serial Bitcoin basher and gold investor Peter Schiff has had a rare moment and change in stance on BTC in a recent tirade about the dire state of the US economy. US Debt Out Of Control...

Martin Young | 9 months ago
trump europe tarrifs bitcoin safe haven

EU Next on Trump’s Tariff List; Will People Turn To Bitcoin?

As if there were not enough economic problems facing countries of the world at the moment without an escalating trade war imposed by the Trump administration. Not content with levying...

Martin Young | 10 months ago
cryptocurrency race

The US and UK Are Losing the Cryptocurrency Race

As Britain follows the U.S. in its Trumpism style of politics, it seems as if the two countries are hellbent on losing the cryptocurrency race as well. Countries Leading the...

Christina Comben | 10 months ago
china buying bitcoin as yuan weakens

Is China Loading Up on Bitcoin as Yuan Gets Crushed?

Bitcoin has had a monumental morning on the Asian trading session. With a 10 percent surge on the day BTC has reached a three week high while in China, the Yuan collapses to a 10-year...

Martin Young | 11 months ago
President Trump wants to ban bitcoin

Binance CEO: A US Crypto Ban Would Not Shatter The Industry

There has been a lot of speculation recently as to whether US president Donald Trump’s recent tweets on bitcoin and crypto were good or bad for the industry. The doom merchants will...

Martin Young | 12 months ago