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Vulture Capital Announces Benefits for VCAP Holders


Bitcoin PR Buzz | Aug 23, 2016 | 15:14

Vulture Capital VCAP Altcoin News

Vulture Capital Announces Benefits for VCAP Holders


Bitcoin PR Buzz | Aug 23, 2016 | 15:14


Vulture Capital, the company behind the VCAP crowdsale aimed at funding a feature film titled Listen Carefully, has announced a list of benefits available to the film’s cryptocurrency contributors.

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Here’s What VCAP Holders Can Expect

VCAPVCAP token holders will have a dedicated portion of the website inaccessible to the general public. In this section they can:

  1. See live streams and interviews from the set
  2. Stream short films, music videos and other content.
  3. Vote on which film gets greenlit next.
  4. Follow Hedley the Vulture as he finds places that are also doing new things with cryptocurrency.
  5. Chat about film, cryptocurrency, Vulture life, etc.

VCAP crowd sale is still open and interested investors can buy the tokens with either ETH, BTC, or BLK on the Vulture Capital website.

Vulture Capital hopes to raise at least 45,000 ETH in the VCAP crowdsale so it can use cryptocurrency to fund at least part of Listen Carefully’s production. Hedley Productions, the company working with Vulture Capital on the film, says it needs $3.5 million USD to produce the film in the best way possible.

In the event that the film is not fully funded through the VCAP crowdsale, Hedley Productions plans to raise money from other investors. Vulture Capital says that revenue generated from the film will be used to repay VCAP holders and other investors.

Any profits from the film will be distributed equally between its producers and VCAP holders.

Listen Carefully’s productoin company describes the film as “a smart, sinister comedy that gleefully takes on big businesses, the cult of self-improvement and government paranoia.”

Hedley Productions Writer and Artistic Director Shira Zimbeck expressed excitement for the film’s crypto-funding project, telling press, “When I listen to the crypto community talk about decentralization, I feel like I’m listening to independent filmmakers. We have the same issues on a creative level.”

“Bringing cryptocurrency into the film world could usher in a wave of really exciting films,” Zimbeck said.

About Vulture Capital

Vulture Capital is a cryptocurrency token used by Hedley Productions. The VCAP is built upon Ethereum and it is being used to raise funds for the company’s upcoming project ‘Listen Carefully’ through the ongoing crowd sale.

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Images courtesy of Vulture Capital.

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