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Activecoin: Exclusive Q&A

Altcoin News

Activecoin: Exclusive Q&A


Back before I had a calling to bitcoinist, I was a freelance writer (still am, to an extent) that would write just about everything. That’s where I met Chris Ray, the developer and founder of this coin.

So to help kick off the start of his new coin, he came in for a Q&A. The following is the conversation that happened between us.

1. Little Info about you? 

I am from Utah USA, studied a little in computer science before Satoshi developed bitcoin, never graduated, a family man with a big love for the outdoors and sport’s.

 2. How was Activecoin developed? 

I recruited several programmers to develop Activecoin; I was inspired by Doge and wanted a coin that fit my own lifestyle in its theme.

 3. Current State of coin? 

Currently Activecoin is on track to be affordable to new crypto currency user’s for the foreseeable future, meeting one of the first goals I set out for, the coin will soon have 500 million coins in distribution and the amount of coins will (or should) keep the price down

4.      Specs of coin 

Activecoin is a Scrypt coin with the following specifications:

Block Rewards- 10,000
Target time per block – 60 seconds
Block Halving – After 240 days
Difficulty Retarget – Every 10 blocks
Extra: Reward will remain constant at 156.25 after block 2073600

 5.  What is Activecoin for?

Activecoin is a payment network for people who love sports, fitness, health and adventure.
I plan to utilize open source software that is designed for the future growth of decentralized currencies.

 6. Future Development plans? 

Lately, I have been focused on bringing new users to crypto currency network’s and have avoided hyping it among the regular traders and those familiar with cc’s, i feel confident that Activecoin will not experience any immature pumps in its beginning and hopefully new user’s of ACT will not experience what so many others have through inexperience of cc’s (cryptocurrencies) and the regular pumps and dumps that devalue coins and strip user’s of their money, I do however keep the experienced involved, I offer Amazon codes for auction weekly through Twitter and Facebook.

I am open to any inquiry’s through Facebook, Reddit, twitter and also the forum where it all started
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