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betVip: Exclusive Interview


betVip: Exclusive Interview


You may have heard of BetVIP on many other news sites,  I was lucky enough to talk to some people over at BetVIP, a site that claims to be the best Bitcoin Sportbook.

1. What is betVIP?

BetVIP is the world’s first licensed Bitcoin sportsbook. If you fancy a bet on any sport from around the world using your Bitcoin then is the place to do it!

2. What makes you different from other Bitcoin betting services?

At we have a far wider variety of sports, events, markets and in-play betting than any other Bitcoin sportsbook. We offer all the diversity and usability of a regular online sports betting website with the convenience of transacting quickly and easily using Bitcoin wallet integration. We are also the only Bitcoin sportsbook that holds an official sports betting license and we trade with complete transparency so account holders can rest assured that their Bitcoin are always safe when betting with BetVIP.

3. How do you promise “the best odds- best value”?

Admittedly, this is a bit of a sweeping statement and with thousands of markets traded every day we can’t promise to offer the best odds on each and every single market we offer. We do, however, run at the lowest margin that is commercially viable for us because we know that punters love to bet at the best prices. So we’re competitive in everything we offer and if a bettor wants a particular bet, at a particular price, we are willing to negotiate (within reason). At the end of the day it’s about offering the best possible service to our clients.

4. How is betVIP doing business wise?

We had an amazing start when we launched just before the FIFA World Cup! There has been a bit of a dip since then but we are still way ahead of our initial projections and with the European Football season getting under way we are already starting to see a lot of clients depositing and getting ready to bet again. We’re a startup that is growing, evolving and improving every day and we are in this business for the long-haul!

5. I see you have an official license, was it hard obtaining once since you deal with cryptocurrency?

It’s not easy to obtain a gaming license in ANY currency. So yeah, it was particularly hard (and expensive) to get the license under our belts as a Bitcoin only sportsbook. But we feel that this was entirely necessary for the long-term prospects of the business and we’re very happy to have the license.

6. Do you charge a fee; what are your rates?

No – joining BetVIP is free. In fact, we will give you money by matching your first deposit with our 100% First Deposit Bonus, so you double your money right away! From that point on it’s you against us, we’ll win some and lose some but in the long-term we hope that we’ll trade well enough at our low margin to survive and thrive.

7. Anything we can expect from the future?

Lots! We’ve just brought a casino partner on board and should have a full casino offering integrated by the end of September. I’m also working on a super-exciting redesign to make our website better than the best sportsbooks around. We’ve learnt a lot about what our customers want in the first few months and we are constantly evolving and improving to offer the best Bitcoin sportsbook in the world. There have been many sleepless nights, but we won’t stop improving – period. That’s what so exciting about working in the tech and cryptocurrency industry, we have only just begun to see what can happen in the not-too-distant future!

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For more information:
BetVIP is the world’s first licensed Bitcoin sportsbook

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