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Sponsored Article and MoneyToken Combine Forces as Roger Ver Joins the Advisory Board


Georgi Georgiev | Apr 13, 2018 | 22:30

Luckchemy Inks Partnership with KrowdMentor Sponsored Article and MoneyToken Combine Forces as Roger Ver Joins the Advisory Board


Georgi Georgiev | Apr 13, 2018 | 22:30


Roger Ver, founder of, alongside COO Mate Tokey join the advisory board of MoneyToken. The newly formed partnership attempts to bring the ICO’s benefits to the powerful BCH community.

MoneyToken is a blockchain-based financial services platform which has been founded by reputable UK and US FinTech Experts with years of working experience at Prudential Financial, Goldman Sachs, Citibank, Ernst & Young, and Bloomberg.

It announced its official presale launch back on March 22nd and up until the moment of press it has already raised more than $3.6 million.

MoneyToken – Solving the Real Issues

The problem solved by MoneyToken is one that anyone involved in the crypto field has had to face or is currently dealing with – the lack of liquidity. Spending your cryptocurrencies today means one thing alone – you can’t make any gains on the future growth in the asset’s value. In other words, long-term holders are stripped of the liquidity of their investment.

This is where MoneyToken steps in. Its platform allows the user, regardless of whether it’s an individual or a company, to borrow liquid funds right on the spot. This represents a collateralized loan which is backed up by the user’s cryptocurrency asset holdings. The amount of the loan is based on the current market value of the holdings.

Here’s where the kick comes in – once you return the money you’ve loaned, you will receive your collateral back, even if its value has increased tenfold.

MoneyToken provides a way for cryptocurrency holders to gain access to liquid funds when needed while, at the same time, save the entirety of their investment portfolio.

Enters Roger Ver

Enters Roger Ver

The recent partnership between in the face of its Founder and COO and MoneyToken is intended to bring additional benefits to the Bitcoin Cash community. In other words – BCH shall be accepted as collateral on the lending platform of MoneyToken.

This way, BCH holders can leverage their assets to receive liquid cash while, thanks to the capacities of the lending platform, retain the integrity and potential profitability of their crypto positions.

Mutually Beneficial Partnership

It goes without saying that the has quite a lot to offer to the MoneyToken project, currently in its pre-sale stage. The latter will gain access to a powerful and vibrant community as well as the networking support and experience of two of the most influential experts in the crypto field.

In the words of Jerome MacGilliyvay, CEO and Co-Founder of MoneyToken:

The Bitcoin Cash community is a unique and powerful force in cryptocurrency; adding our support to Bitcoin Cash and allowing our potential token buyers and future lenders and borrowers to operate in BCH, only adds to our portfolio and strengthens the value of MoneyToken as a product for all our users.

On the other hand, Roger Ver’s vision is also pretty outspoken, highlighting the substantial advantages as well as the merits behind MoneyToken’s vision:

MoneyToken is a bright example of the real use of blockchain technology, as well as offering a massive boost for crypto market liquidity for all market players, and especially for businesses.

MoneyToken is currently going through its pre-sale and is allocating tokens with 25% discount. If you want to learn more about the project, you can find all the necessary information on their website. You can also follow the progress on their official Facebook page, Twitter, or through the live discussion group in Telegram.

Do you like the idea behind MoneyToken? Do you think crypto asset-backed loans are a necessary financial tool for investors? Please let us know in the comments below!

Images courtesy of MoneyToken, Pixabay

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