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Bitcoin Protecting IP Rights Through the Blockchain


Drew Cordell | Mar 11, 2015 | 15:00

Bitcoin Protecting IP Rights Through the Blockchain


Drew Cordell | Mar 11, 2015 | 15:00

Mr. Louison Dumont

Mr. Louison Dumont

Recently, I discovered a cool new service that allows anyone to verify an idea, document, or file on Bitcoin’s blockchain. Bitproof is one of the first companies to expand on the idea of document storage within the blockchain, one of the many uses of Bitcoin 2.0, the next generation of blockchain functionality. 

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Bitproof is one of many companies participating in the Boost VC incubator in Silicon Valley. Boost VC was founded by Tim Draper and currently provides funding and mentoring to several Bitcoin startups. After looking into more, I knew that I wanted to write about it. Protection of intellectual rights through the blockchain means that they are permanent, decentralized, and secure. One of my many interests related Bitcoin is the untapped potential of the blockchain. Bitproof taps into one of those potentials and expands the capabilities of Bitcoin.

I had the opportunity to interview the founder and lead developer of Bitproof, Mr.Louison Dumont


What is your name and position with Bitproof?

My name is Louison. I’m 17, and I’ve been developing
Software since I was 8. For the last 4 years, I have been heavily
concentrating on Bitcoin technology.

I graduated from high school 8 months ago and decided to work full-time
building awesome things with the Blockchain. I’m currently the sole
founder and lead developer at Bitproof and I am part of, the first Bitcoin-only incubator in Silicon Valley.

What is Bitproof?

Bitproof is a decentralized notary platform based on the Bitcoin blockchain technology.

What services does Bitproof offer?

Bitproof lets you prove you are the owner of a piece of content that existed at a
certain time. It can be a photograph, a song, an idea, a contract…
anything is possible.

Just drag and drop your file, and it’s certified. Everything is encrypted client-side.
How does Bitproof protect intellectual rights?

We put the encrypted version of your IP in the blockchain and give you a
private key. We call that “Proof of Ownership”. Even if Bitproof
disappears, the proof will always be available in the blockchain.

What are the future plans of Bitproof?

A lot of people are really excited about Bitproof. That said, we’re still
trying to figure out what the main use case we want to focus on will
be. We’re open to any suggestions on Twitter, or at

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Image Source: Louison Dumont

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