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ASIC miners

C-Mining: Cloudmining for all!

ASIC miners

C-Mining: Cloudmining for all!

Cloud-hashing or mining, allows miners to participate in mining and supporting the blockchain but with C-Mining you get these benefits:
  1. Mining hardware is kept safe and we do the maintenance.
  2. No need to pay electricity
  3. No noise problems
  4. No cooling or space-related problems
  5. No power or network connection losses
  6. Even if your GHS are in order. You can receive mining rewards!
  7.  C-Mining is a company which provides mining power. This mining power mine different coin like Bitcoin, Namecoin, and now Litecoin and Dogecoin. Our mission is to provide mining power for all easily. We are in contact with the platform exchange Europex to distribute this power mining so your customer can trade their mining power that they bought to us.

1. History of Development?

 The idea of C-Mining is in my head since a long time. Before there was the big company on the market. But at the time I did not have any mining hardware or money to buy some. So I started searching for investors but I did not found any. But when I receive my 10 Th mining hardware it was there that I remembered what I had tried to do. And this is how C-Mining was born.
And I’m glad that my friend, the founder of Europex help me through its trading platform to provide a secure and simple environment for my customers so they can simply trade GHS or MHS.

2.How do you differ from similar services such as mining contracts or CEX?

C-Mining allows to the customers the opportunity to trade their GHS or MHS when they want to. Which means that the customer can stop using our service as soon as they wish. Or they can trade to increase their profits. So we are better than mining contracts. For CEX, we offer the same services except that on CEX you mine in real time and with us you have to wait a daily payment. But we have a better price than CEX for now.

3. Where do you mine? Have you considered p2p pools?

Currently, we use the mining pool for our ASICS SHA-256. We have considered p2p pools, but we want the biggest payout for our customers and still the best pool in term of profit.

4.  Is there a reinvestment strategy you guys are taking?

All the profits we made for now are used to increase our mining power.

5. Do you host nodes?

Yes. For Bitcoin, Namecoin and Litecoin. But not for Dogecoin for now.

6. If you were to achieve almost 51% of hash rate, what would you do?

If one day we got 51% of hash rate… Hum… We don’t want to arrived to that percentage because we don’t want to have more than 25% of all the Bitcoin hash rate. So we will not have this problem. Same for other coin that we mined or going to mine.

7. Current Status?

For now everything is good. We don’t sell a lot. But a little every day. And we have positive feedbacks from all purchasers so we’re happy that our customers are happy.

8. Future Development plans?

For now we have planed to add 10 more Ths for Bitcoin and Namecoin mining and more scrypt hashing power if the demand is high. If the demand for other coin are high too maybe add some other one but only when we have sold a lot of our mining power.

For more information:

Trade here:!coin/btc/cbtc

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