Shell Crude Oil to Support Venezuela’s Petro Cryptocurrency

Crude Oil to Support Venezuela’s Petro Cryptocurrency

Venezuela’s first state-run cryptocurrency will be backed by three of the country’s major natural resources. Venezuela previously announced their intention to step into the crypto...

Nikita Blows | Dec 28, 2017 | 14:00

Slow Phone a Sign of Crypto Mining Malware

As cryptocurrencies rise in popularity and price, they become more of a lucrative target for hackers and cybercriminals. Many of those getting into crypto now are novices to trading...

James Levenson | Dec 27, 2017 | 08:30
Crypto Malware Targets Facebook Messenger

Crypto Malware Targets Facebook Messenger

As Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies become more popular hackers and cybercriminals will devise ever more devious ways to exploit unsuspecting users and their computers. Facebook is...

James Levenson | Dec 23, 2017 | 00:00

Stay Calm! Alarming Bitcoin Power Consumption Projections May Not Be...

There’s been a lot of hype about Bitcoin power consumption, with many outlets saying that it’s getting out of control. However, it may be that such alarmist rhetoric may...

Jeff Francis | Dec 22, 2017 | 11:30

Mining Max Pyramid Scheme Comes Crashing Down

The US-based mining platform, who cheated thousands of investors out of millions of dollars, now has to answer for their crimes after they were caught in South Korea. The crypto...

Nikita Blows | Dec 20, 2017 | 21:30

A Key Power Source for Bitcoin Mining – Coal

The continuing rise in Bitcoin is being fueled extensively by coal as many Chinese Bitcoin mining farms rely upon coal-based power plants. Not everybody is celebrating the massive...

Jeff Francis | Dec 17, 2017 | 08:45

Venezuela Now Requires Bitcoin Miners to Register with the Government

Bitcoin mining has exploded in Venezuela due to the country’s massive hyperinflation. Now the Venezuelan government is requiring bitcoin miners to join an online registry. It...

Jeff Francis | Dec 14, 2017 | 03:15
Devices Consume More Energy Than Needed

5 Ways to Solve the Bitcoin Mining Energy Crisis

There has been a lot of talk in the news recently about how much energy Bitcoin mining uses and its potential impact on the environment. Today we explore just how much energy Bitcoin...

Mark Fidelman | Dec 11, 2017 | 19:45
Cryptocurrency Miners Promise Economic Opportunity But Not Everyone Is So Optimistic

Massive Bitcoin Mining Operations Now Causing Blackouts

Bitcoin mining operations are consuming up to 31 TWh of energy, surpassing Ireland’s 23 TWh and is more than the power used by 159 countries. By 2020, Bitcoin’s operations are...

Jinia Shawdagor | Dec 10, 2017 | 07:45

Russia Steps up Crypto Regulation Efforts

Russia seems to taking their self-imposed responsibility of regulating crypto a step further. Even though it will still be legal to buy cryptocurrencies in the country, mining them...

Nikita Blows | Dec 07, 2017 | 12:30
China's Dominance

Stay Warm This Winter and Profit – Using Bitcoin Mining to Heat...

Bitcoin miners living in colder climates can save money on their heating bills by using the heat generated from bitcoin mining to warm their homes. The average American household uses...

Cynthia Turcotte | Dec 05, 2017 | 23:30
Veritas Mining ICO Underway – Promises Token Holders ROI Within 6 Months

Veritas Mining ICO Underway – Promises Token Holders ROI Within 6...

Veritas Mining is launching their crypto mining ICO and are offering a 25% discount through Thursday, November 7, 2017. The project uses renewable, cheap energy sources to maximize...

Matthew Tompkins | Dec 05, 2017 | 13:15

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