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ChainPay Partners With Payment Goblin, Users Can Accept Bitcoin


ChainPay Partners With Payment Goblin, Users Can Accept Bitcoin


ChainPay has been covering a lot of ground in the five short months since its launch. Most recently, ChainPay has reached a partnership with Payment Goblin, allowing customers of Payment Goblin to accept Bitcoin with no changes to branding.

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ChainPaySpecializing in enabling merchants to accept Bitcoin, ChainPay allows companies to accept Bitcoin in a seamless fashion by supporting most e-Commerce packages (like Shopify and Magneto) or by using its API to add a Bitcoin payment gateway to any eCommerce website.

ChainPay currently offers its service for the British Sterling Pound, the Euro, and the US dollar. ChainPay’s area of operations spans across 36 countries.

While Payment Goblin has received most of its business from with customers dealing with traditional payment methods, it sees Bitcoin’s limitless potential, as well as how it can change the way people do e-commerce.

“Payment Goblin is a forward thinking payment processor who recognizes the value of Bitcoin payments. We are pleased to be working with such an organization whose goals are aligned so well with ourselves. Through this partnership, we hope to introduce merchants currently using traditional card payments to the benefits of digital currency.”

With the first partnership agreement occurring only five months after the company’s inception, ChainPay expects many similar agreements with other payment processors to follow suit.

“Being able to offer Bitcoin payment services to financial organizations under their own branding brings a unique advantage to ChainPay. For those payment institutions currently on the fence regarding digital currency, we would say let us show you what we can offer.”

When I talked to James Carter, Founder of ChainPay, about the new partnership, he was very enthusiastic.


How was Chain Pay supporting the Bitcoin ecosystem before the partnership? How will the partnership mutually benefit both companies, and help further promote support for merchants looking to accept Bitcoin payments?

ChainPay has been delivering Bitcoin payment services to handle the complex operations of cryptocurrency transactions since January 2015. Since this time we have worked with businesses in over 36 countries to help them bring Bitcoin and mobile money into their core business. From boutique tea emporiums (Oliver Pluff & Co, US) to high growth industries such as electronic cigarettes (E-Liquid Life, UK) we have been communicating ceaselessly with entrepreneurs and business people to educate them about the benefits of Bitcoin and how it can transform their eCommerce business processes. As a Bitcoin payment gateway in Europe, ChainPay has had a great reception from businesses inside the EU that can benefit from a locally placed partner. With the help of our banking partners in Europe we can offer some of the fastest settlement time of fiat funds from a Bitcoin payment gateway.

 ChainPay is very excited to have Payment Goblin onboard with Bitcoin payments. Payment Goblin is a gateway trusted by thousands of merchants and they do great work in supporting these merchants with traditional card based acquiring. With the addition of our white labelled cloud based payment gateway platform, Payment Goblin has the ability to enable each of their merchants, as well as many new businesses with Bitcoin payment services under their own trusted brand. The team at Payment Goblin are obviously very behind cryptocurrency and the benefits it affords to payments, and this partnership will help more merchants make the jump to cryptocurrency. Something important to the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem.

 By offering a white labelled gateway, ChainPay is poised to offer this service to further traditional gateways who may be thinking of making the jump to offering cryptocurrency acquiring services but are not sure which route to choose, whether to build inhouse or get a third party to build out their platform. Payment providers can now talk to ChainPay and discuss their individual requirements, and very quickly bring to market an additional product offering to new and existing customers faster than building in house. Through this accelerated journey we hope that more established gateways, like Payment Goblin, are excited about bringing more and more businesses into Bitcoin payments.

Thanks for your time, James.

How do you feel about more payment processors supporting Bitcoin? Is this the right step towards mainstream adoption? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo Source: ChainPay

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