Reading: Exclusive Interview with RepRapMaker: 3D Printing Cooperative

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Exclusive Interview with RepRapMaker: 3D Printing Cooperative

Bitcoin Businesses

Exclusive Interview with RepRapMaker: 3D Printing Cooperative

Today I’m here with RepRapMaker, a new launch that needs some funding to launch their startup. RepRap goal is to use plastic and other affordable materials which results in a cheaper price. The 3D printer is made of plastic components itself, allowing for the printer to reproduce itself and allowing for its name, Replicating Rapid Prototyper.

The uses and advantages of 3D printing are numerous. On top of the fact they are using PLA plastic to lessen environmental impacts are even greater. Rapid mass manufacturing will allow companies to produce products on the fly, and increase or decrease inventory when needed. Companies will save on shipping as products can be made locally at the store, and parts can be replaced so that the lifespan of products will extended.

Funds, if you choose to give to the project,  will “cover a couple months rent for our new office and workspace and paying our first payrolls until we are able to sustain ourselves. We also need to purchase our 3D printer, filament and other miscellaneous costs. We are asking to help bring something wonderful to an area that really needs it while getting a little bit back with custom print”.

When asked about their company, “bober” said:

We are a 3 person worker owned cooperative from North Bay, Ontario that have worked with each other for over 5 years. We are looking to enter the field of 3D printing due to the lack of availability of
suppliers in Northern Ontario. We believe 3D printing can be used to help and enrich people’s lives.

As for future plans:

Finish up our crowdfunder, and open our first storefront here in northern Ontario. We are looking to expanding to the internet e-commerce scene as well.

As for Bitcoin, they want to support the Bitcoin economy by doing all ordering with Bitcoin, paying all workers with Bitcoin, and they accept Bitcoin for any of their services. On top of that, they are running a full node at their office to give back to the Bitcoin Network as well.  The only Bitcoin they will be converting to fiat will be for utility bills and other miscellaneous costs.

Below are some samples of what you will receive based on what you give to the project.

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For more, visit their project page at:


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