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GIFcoin Reaches Soft Cap After Another Token Sellout Stage


Nikita Blows | Apr 28, 2018 | 13:30

GIFcoin Reaches Soft Cap After Another Token Sellout Stage Sponsored Article

GIFcoin Reaches Soft Cap After Another Token Sellout Stage


Nikita Blows | Apr 28, 2018 | 13:30


GIFcoin is flying high and is continuing to do exceptionally well during their ICO.  Not only have they sold out at each stage, they’ve also reached and exceeded their soft cap.

With GIFcoin, you have another way to be a part of the multi-billion-dollar gambling industry.  With a focus on revolution and growing long-term relationships with their clients, the platform actually pays its members for simply holding their native GIF tokens.

This innovative profit-sharing business model is a real gamechanger in the world of online gambling, and it’s not just a lot of talk either.  This Gambling Investment Fund (the GIF in GIFcoin) is backed by a well-established and profit turning platform, VitalBet.

This online sports betting platform has over 20,000 members in 20 countries, showing that they are a popular choice when it comes to placing that online wager for your favorite football team.  In fact, VitalBet made more than $3 million net profit last year alone, profit that GIFcoin wants you to be a part of.

Selling Out and Surpassing Their Soft Cap

Now, being a part of the GIFcoin profit-sharing revolution starts with you purchasing your GIFcoins, and this is where things get interesting.

The platform has gone on to sell out all of their previous token sale phases, showing just how popular GIFcoin is and is going to be.  In addition, investors have referred to the platform as having the “the most transparent ICO for 2018”.

In keeping with the theme of putting their clients first, GIFcoin has offered substantial bonuses for each phase.  Stage four, the most recent sellout, offered a significant 20% bonus.

That’s fantastic news in itself, but not the only highlight.  GIFcoin has officially passed its soft cap mark of 5,000 ETH!  Thanks to the support of their community, they’re closer than ever to reaching their hard cap of 24,000 ETH.

Interested investors still have a chance to contribute with the fifth stage of token sale currently underway.  During this phase, there are a total of 92,400,000 tokens available to purchase.  Investors will also be able to enjoy a 15% bonus during this stage.

However, if it is anything like the previous stages, investors need to move quickly:

  • Private Sale – 10,000,000 GIF tokens – SOLD OUT
  • Stage 1 – 6,400,000 GIF tokens – SOLD OUT
  • Stage 2 – 7,000,000 GIF tokens – SOLD OUT
  • Stage 3 – 7,800,000 GIF tokens – SOLD OUT
  • Stage 4 – 8,400,000 GIF tokens – SOLD OUT
  • Stage 5 – 92,400,000 GIF tokens with a 15% Bonus
  • Stage 6 – 77,000,000 GIF tokens with a 10% Bonus
  • Stage 7 – 61,000,000 GIF tokens with NO Bonus

What Investors Can Expect to Receive

Essentially, token holders will be able to enjoy a share of 80% of VitalBet’s annual profits.  Because of this, the token itself will potentially gain value, giving holders an added advantage.

Investment Details

Contributions can be made in BTC, ETH, and LTC. It is important to remember that during stage five, there is a minimum investment of 0.1 ETH or the equivalent in BTC or LTC.

The token sale is scheduled to end on the 16th of May.

Find out more about GIFcoin by visiting their website, viewing their whitepaper or litepaper or following them on Telegram.

Do you think that the GIFcoin team will sell out during stage five as well? Will they reach their hard cap before the end of the ICO?  Let us know in the comments below!

Images courtesy of GIFcoin

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