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Lisk Community Continues Developing Ecosystem Tools, Services


Bitcoin PR Buzz | Jul 27, 2016 | 13:00

Lisk Bitcoin PR Buzz

Lisk Community Continues Developing Ecosystem Tools, Services


Bitcoin PR Buzz | Jul 27, 2016 | 13:00


Lisk, the highly-publicized blockchain application platform, is reporting “healthy growth” over the past few months, with community members using the platform to develop various tools and services.

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Lisk community

Since the project’s launch, the developers say community involvement has been strong, resulting in several projects aimed at improving the platform’s user experience.

One service,, provides real time information on transactions and new blocks added to the platform’s blockchain.

Lisk Lite Client “provides a fast experience for viewing depositing and sending LSK,” according to the team. Complete with a mobile app, this client allows its functionalities to be used in Android and iOS mobile environments, in addition to its standard desktop experience.

Other community-sourced applications and services include:

  • lisk-autoVote – a script which automatically votes on delegates from text files with delegate names, addresses and public keys
  • LiskMonitor a stand-alone PowerShell script to do end-user monitoring on Main-net and Test-net nodes and delegates.
  • – a toolset for maintaining a Lisk server
  • Lisk Army Knife – a forging failover and command line
  • LiskMonitor (app) – An Android application to monitor delegate account status

The platform’s development team is also excited about Blocksafe, an upcoming startup that will use Lisk, BitTorrent and Telehash in concert to create a smart device infrastructure for firearms.

The team says that its official community forum and chat are thriving, with new project ideas popping up every day.

About Lisk

This project blockchain application platform that offers JavaScript development tools to deploy sidechains and build decentralized applications on top of them. It comes with the ability to connect various different (decentralized) technologies to enable developers to build useful applications for the real world.

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