Reading: MaxiDed Accepts Bitcoin in Over 72 Countries


MaxiDed Accepts Bitcoin in Over 72 Countries


MaxiDed Accepts Bitcoin in Over 72 Countries

Server security is an important issue for internet hosting, and many companies turn to dedicated server suppliers for secure hosting. MaxiDed aims to provide ideal solutions to clients looking for server hosting, listing thousands of server configurations and offering customer service in English and Russian.  

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Serves in 72 Countries with More Than 400 Technical Experts

Thesecurity Bitcoinist company was founded in 2007; since then it has expanded its technical staff and area of operations. Now, MaxiDed has more than 400 technical experts representing the company’s services in 72 countries. Most of MaxiDed’s major server suppliers are in United States, Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria and Russia. The company also plans to expand into Asia, and it is currently cooperating with suppliers in the region.

MaxiDed’s amiable relations data center managers helps the company offer promotions and marketing programs that give clients good deals on dedicated server hosting. MaxiDed claims to offer competitive services, guaranteeing the best prices on any configuration. The company’s servers use world-class technology that allows them to have instant confirmation and rapid activation. MaxiDed hopes that this technology allows clients to have fast and easy to use websites.

DDOS Protection

MaxiDed has a strict anti-DDoS procedure, in which it monitors all traffic — incoming and outgoing — via its CISCO Netflow. The procedure automatically blackholes an IP address when a destination address in the network receives more than 35.000 flows/sec. Once an IP address has been blackholed, an email is automatically sent informing the technical contact in the MaxiDed platform about the DDoS and blackhole. The first time an IP address is targeted, MaxiDed blackholes the address for one hour, with the blackhole time doubling for every subsequent attack.

Bitcoin Accepted

MaxiDed offers clients the option to make payments with Bitcoin. Other options available include PayPal, Webmoney, Perfectmoney, and Wire Transfer.

Round the Clock Excellent Customer Support

In addition to its wide range of locations and server configurations of dedicated servers, MaxiDed also offers services like domain registration and security certificates SSL. The company also provides round the clock customer support with the help of its highly skilled team of assistants.

MaxiDed works to offer competitive prices, hoping its selection and use of dedicated servers will be more accessible to customers around the world. In a very short span of time, the company appears to have carved out a market for the largest dedicated server suppliers worldwide. MaxiDed’s internet hosting is more flexible than shared hosting, giving clients full control over the servers.

Image Source: MaxiDed, pixabay


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