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PaycoinPoker Rebrands to CryptoPoker and Details Hack and New Features


Drew Cordell | Apr 14, 2015 | 19:00

PayCoin Poker Altcoin News

PaycoinPoker Rebrands to CryptoPoker and Details Hack and New Features


Drew Cordell | Apr 14, 2015 | 19:00


bitcoin-casino_bitcoinistOne of our sponsors, has an exciting update as well as evidence to debunk the fact that players were claiming that they were being cheated by the site. It is important that all claims be taken seriously; however, given the evidence provided, it is very clear that the reader that accused for scamming them, was in fact trying to cheat the website. I will explain this in depth as well as provide the evidence in the next paragraph. has also just launched a new affiliate program, a new rakeback program, and a new tournament system to reward players on the site with even more chips.

Disclaimer: The author has no relation to, nor does he participate in online gambling. attack

A large number of players decided to try to cheat the system using proxy servers to make multiple accounts. After making these accounts, the users would then play against themselves and dump chips into one account then try to claim the large amount of chips in a way that was dishonest and against the site’s rules. One reader on our site claimed to have been cheated by stating:



My history.

Recieve 50 cash,win 500 chips-try withdraw-write is required 1000 PPP,ok. Рlay again. Have 2500 PPP-try withdraw-write is required deposit,ok.

I deposit from my blockchaine wallet.After the deposit has been active output window.

On site has information-12h cashout. But 3 days have passed. The XPY written off,but i dont have chips on my wallet.

I wrote in (support) 3 times. Nothing. I see paycoinpoker on twitter is very active,but also do not want to answer as in facebook.

Yesterday I learned that player PhiI_Ivy is paycoinpoker. I ask him in chat room:where i can recieve xpy?

In response, he laughed me-“you deposit only 0.001497 btc,bye!”

I fulfilled all the conditions.I think that he is a thief and a crook. I know nick PhiI_Ivy “

I was given the user’s player history which clearly shows that he was trying to scam, not the other way around. You can view this player’s history here.

The owner of spoke to me about the nature of the attack:

“We caught over 150 players who were going into the system and using proxy servers to cheat the system. Basically they would create 8-20 accounts get the 50chips per account and then chip dump (Violation of the rules) stated on the site that they would be banned if caught. We had to change the terms and conditions for all new players we no deposits on file had to hit 1000 ppps to accept withdraws. Well they would chip dump to a few accounts by the 1,000’s. To be exact 65,000 XPY. A deposit of .0001497 btc = about .05 xpy. That player only played 67 hands of raked ring game poker and won 60 of them. All 60 The players went all in and lost. They went all in when they were already drawing dead. Found out it was the player on a proxy sever playing himself. We are updating our entire system and lowering the free chips from 50 to 25 and putting better measures in place to eliminate this. This has cost us over 6,000 this week alone. It has not been fair on our regular players. We are not “thieves” we are just dealing with scammers trying to steal from us and they are getting mad that we have come up with measures to catch them. We have been addressing each one of their 1,000’s of emails that all start exactly the same: “Where’s my chips?” Its been very frustrating. I wanted to ensure you we are running an honest operation. We are actually losing a decent amount right now everyday trying to grow our business. We are hoping to eliminate these cheaters and get back to business as usual.”
The attack was both sophisticated, and harmful to the legitimate players on Since the attack, has established new safeguards to prevent players from trying to cheat the system and steal from them.

New Features

In addition to the security updates, has added some awesome new features. The new features and improvements to the site are as follows:

New RakeBack ProgramThat’s right! We are now rolling out a special RakeBack Program that will significantly reward our top PPP earners!! Starting April 1st players will have the opportunity to Earn Up to 40% Rakeback!! That’s right Immortal Players (Top 10) will earn 40% of your total Rakeback each month. To qualify you must finish in the Top 10 on the PPP Leader-board – The IMMORTALS TIER. Starting On The 1st of every month at 12:01am and ending at12:00pm on the last day of every month (Eastern Standard Time). Don’t worry if you are not in the Top10 you will still have the opportunity to earn Rakeback. Below is the % of Rakeback each Tier will be rewarded. Immortals (1st-10th)  = 40% Rakeback  (ALSO WILL RECEIVE A SPECIAL BADGE)

Primes  (11th-25th)    = 20% Rakeback

Elite      (26th-50th)    = 10% Rakeback

Platinum (51st-75th)   = 5%  Rakeback

Gold       (76th-100th)  =1%   RakebackOn The Last Day Of Each Month at Midnight Eastern Standard Time which ever TIER You Fall Into You will will receive the Rakeback Percentage for the TIER that you fall into the previous month for the upcoming month. At the end of the month whatever your total Rake was for that month we will credit you account in Chips on the 5th of the month for the previous month. Example) If you finish in the Top 10 and your total rake for the Month of March was 100 XPY on April 5th you be credited 40% of that 400 Chips. This is just one of the ways we want to reward our most loyal players!! Monthly PPP’s will be reset every month but we will still have an All Time PPP Learderboard Also! This Month we are awarding the WSOP or 500 XPY Choice Freeroll Tournament and this Rakeback program will start on April 1st.NINJA Affiliate ProgramWe have already had several players take advantage of this and they are earning a lot of chips already. There is more information about this program that can be found in the Site Info In The Paycoin Poker Live Game Information Board under **AFFILIATE PROGRAM**. Affiliate Leaderboard ContestStarting today and ending on April 30th at 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time we will have the following contest. The Top 18 Affiliates on-top of making a nice income stream from the referrals will also be send a password for A Special Freeroll. The Top 18 in the Affiliate Leaderboard will Qualify For The 1,500 CHIP AFFILIATE FREEROLL + The Top 10 Affiliates Will Receive A Special Ninja Affiliate Badge.  The higher your ranking the more starting chips for the tournament you will receive similar to the PPP Leaderboard.18th – 1000 Chips

17th – 1100 Chips

16th – 1200 Chips

15th – 1300 Chips

14th – 1400 Chips

13th – 1400 Chips

12th – 1600 Chips

11th – 1700 Chips

10th – 1850 Chips

9th – 2000 Chips

8th – 2150 Chips

7th – 2300 Chips

6th – 2450 Chips

5th – 2650 Chips

4th – 2850 Chips

3rd – 3050 Chips

2nd – 3250 Chips

1st – 3450 ChipsThe Tournament will be held the first week of May Time & Date TBA. TOURNAMENT LEADERBOARD CONTEST As many of you have probably seen already we have just launched the Tournament Leaderboard. How the Leaderboard works is that everytime you Place In Any Entry Fee Tournament, the number of chips you win in the tournament will add to your Tournament Points Leaderboard Score. This means Every Sit & Go’s & Any Tournament Except Freeroll = 0 Entree will go towards your Tournament Totals. We will be reset the Tournament Leaderboard Tonight. Starting Immediately and endingApril 30th at 11:59pm EST you will earn points on the leaderboard per the chips won for placing in the each Entry Fee Tournament. Prize – The Top 18 will play A Special Freeroll. The 1,500 CHIP Tournament FREEROLL + The Top 10 Will Be Awarded A Special Tournament Badge. The higher your ranking the more starting chips you will receive based on the same structure as the affiliate tournament. Also The TOP 3 Tournament Point Winners Each Month Will Have A Custom Badge created for them. 


The most exciting announcement comes in the form that Paycoin Poker will be re-branding and amping up their site:

“After much thought we have decided to rebrand our current site to . The main reason behind the rebrand is to increase our reach to the entire Crypto Community and create the Largest Premier Poker Site in the Crypto World. We have some very exciting upgrades that you are going to like. 
* Now Accepting 26+ Crypto Currencies.
* More Withdrawals Options! Choose what Currency you want to Withdraw your Chips into
* New 2 BTC Deposit Bonus Program. 100% Match. Players will have the chance to take advantage of the Deposit Bonus Again! 

 Conclusion is running an honest business, the claims against have all been debunked as those players were attempting to scam the website. With the re-branding to and the addition of more coins, Cryptopoker is quickly expanding and continually adding new features. To learn more about the company and to check out all of the new features, visit

What do you think about the alleged PaycoinPoker scam? Let us know in the comments below!

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