Bitcoin Politics

Rage Against the Machine: Bitcoin ‘A Great Hedge Against the...

Bitcoin has now become a “great hedge” against the centrally-controlled banking system according to BTCC CEO Bobby Lee.  Bitcoin: Designed to Protect Your Wealth  The...

Evander Smart | 3 years ago

China Trials Its Own ‘Bitcoin’ But Here’s Why It...

After a successful trial, China is one step closer to becoming the first country in the world to issue its own blockchain-based virtual currency. However, it will probably be a far...

Antonio Madeira | 3 years ago

Chinese Bitcoin Exchanges Halt Margin Trading: Zero-Fees Next to Go?

As Bitcoin exchanges in China halt margin trading, zero-fee trading may also be on the chopping block as the industry awaits regulation. China Halts Margin Trading Following the...

Antonio Madeira | 3 years ago
Breaking News

China: PBoC Says Exchanges ‘Violated Rules,’ Repeats...

Bitcoin started dropping in price once again Wednesday after Chinese authorities stated exchanges “were violating rules.” PBoC: Rules ‘Violated’, AML Measures...

William Suberg | 3 years ago

Did The Chinese Government Cause Bitcoin Bubble Burst?

The Bitcoin community has been all abuzz over the most recent January drop in Bitcoin value. But what really caused the decline? Was the Chinese government influential in this market...

Evander Smart | 3 years ago

A New Bitcoin Bull-Run is Here, Google Trends Show

As Bitcoin nears parity with gold, Google trends indicators are showing that this may only be the start of another major run-up in value on the way to higher highs. Bitcoin Uptick in...

Antonio Madeira | 3 years ago
Brexit Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin and Brexit: Did the Great UK Debate Move the Price?

Another bitcoin price hike is in the books following the unexpected Brexit. At press time, bitcoin has started a recovery and is now hovering around $655 USD. Also read: Bitcoin Price...

Nick Marinoff | 3 years ago

TNABC 2016 Ticket Giveaway Closed: The Winner Has Been Chosen!

Editor’s note: If you receive an email saying that you are a winner, you will be asked to provide us with your full name. That way, you will be added to the list, and will be...

Evan Faggart | 4 years ago
North American Bitcoin Conference
Bitcoin Acceptance

Moe Levin on TNABC Miami 2016, Patrick Byrne Speaking This Year

Moe Levin, the organizer of The North American Bitcoin Conference, has set up an excellent lineup of speakers and presenters for the 2016 show. This year, people like Patrick Byrne...

Scott Fargo | 4 years ago
Bitcoin 2016

Bitcoin Predictions For 2016: The Year of the Monkey

Bitcoin finally had a successful comeback towards the end of 2015, declared by many as the “Year of the Blockchain.” With all the hype surrounding Bitcoin and the blockchain...

Jamie Redman | 4 years ago
Breaking News

BTCC Deploys Full Bitcoin Nodes To Keep Network Secure

Supporting the Bitcoin network in an active manner is of the utmost importance for all of the digital currency’s community members. Creating and deploying full Bitcoin Nodes will...

Jp Buntinx | 4 years ago

Will Bitcoin Rise Through the End of the Year?

2015 has not been a year without its hurdles. Bitcoin enthusiasts have encountered several scares over the last several months, regularly witnessing their favorite digital coin drop...

Nick Marinoff | 4 years ago

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