CryptoKitties Game Launches On The Ethereum Blockchain

Will CryptoKitties New Blockchain Flow Be The Next Ethereum Killer?

One of the first blockchain based games that was most renowned for ‘breaking’ Ethereum back in 2017 is set to return on its own platform. The founders are hoping to revive the...

Martin Young | 1 year ago
Blockchain DApps CryptoKitties

CryptoKitties Now Sells Its Crypto Collectible Cats for Around $1

Remember when virtual cat game CryptoKitties collapsed the Ethereum network? The feline frenzy in 2017 saw gaming fanatics spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on digital cats with...

Christina Comben | 2 years ago

‘A Psychological Social Experiment In Greed’ Is Now A Super Popular Ethereum Application

On Wednesday, the first round of the Fomo3D game concluded with the pay-out of a $3-million-dollar jackpot. Some see it as a scam or a depraved form of gambling — but others think...

Kevin O’Brien | 2 years ago

MLB Crypto Baseball Is Bringing Blockchain to America’s Pastime

A blockchain gaming company is set to release “MLB Crypto Baseball” after agreeing to a licensing deal with Major League Baseball. It is anticipated to be similar to the...

Kevin O’Brien | 3 years ago

Is a New Exchange to Blame for Ethereum’s Network Congestion?

When demand for Ethereum rises, so do the gas prices — but what is causing them to rise in the middle of a bear market? A new exchange may be to blame.  Traffic Jam Congestion in...

Austin Kennedy | 3 years ago
Ethereum futures

Ethereum Fees on the Rise as dApps Gain Popularity

A handful of decentralized games are causing Ethereum transaction fees to rise, the price of gas doubling over the past week. Game dApps Slowing the Network Ethereum is a platform that...

Matthew Hrones | 3 years ago
Institutional Support Rallies Behind Exeedme’s Blockchain-based Gaming Innovation

Blockchain Games: A Surprising New Player in The Industry

Innovation in the blockchain industry continues at a relentless pace. New projects involving existing blockchains have begun to be created, allowing for the tech’s gamification...

Nick Chong | 3 years ago
Altcoin News

CryptoKitties Bite Back… on Mobile!

The crypto world is literally whipping itself into a butterscotch flavored generic mousse product this morning. The reason? Only the pant-wettingly exciting news regarding the...

Emilio Janus | 3 years ago

Move Over CryptoKitties, CryptoDogs Just Launched in China

Just a few months after the CryptoKitty craze, China has jumped in on the fun; CryptoDogs has launched in China. Although it may just seem like another copycat (pun intended) concept...

Brian Yim | 3 years ago

Move Over, CryptoKitties! CryptoCelebrities Has Arrived

It may be that CryptoKitties has some competition. CryptoCelebrities allows players to buy contracts of celebrities on the Ethereum blockchain. CryptoKitties may have taken the crypto...

Jeff Francis | 3 years ago
New SEC Report: Cryptocurrency Exchanges Trading Security Tokens Must Register

Will ICOs Survive the SEC Bloodbath?

The SEC just issued another warning over Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) but the test of a utility versus a security token is still murky. Here's what I believe the 5 Actions the SEC...

Mark Fidelman | 3 years ago
CryptoKitties Creates Massive Backlog on the Ethereum Network

CryptoKitties Creates Massive Backlog on the Ethereum Network

The new decentralized game CryptoKitties launched last week, with the purpose of the game to collect, bred, and trade electronic cats. Due to the game’s unbelievable popularity...

Matthew Hrones | 3 years ago

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